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50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent in the music industry, is an American rapper and entrepreneur who is well-known for being one of the most prominent singers in rap and hip-hop. Curtis was born on July 6, 1975, in Queens, New York, to Sabrina Jackson (a drug dealer) and an unknown father.

During the 1980s, during the crack epidemic, 50 Cent began dealing the drug under the alias BooBoo. He was already immersed in the world of drugs and weapons when he was eight years old, and seven years later he was arrested for illegal possession of narcotics. For a time, he wanted to try his hand at boxing, but he was unsuccessful and quit at the age of 18. After some thought, he left the drug trade to pursue a career in rap and hip-hop.

Facts About 50 Cent

Birthday July 6, 1975
Nationality American
Famous Businessperson, Record Producer, Musicians, Composers, Singers, Rappers
City/State New Yorkers
Nicknames Interscope, Fiddy, Boo Boo
Known as Curtis Jackson, Curtis James Jackson
Children’s Marquise Jackson, Sire Jackson
  • Andrew Jackson High School
Founder / Co-Founder
  • G-Unit Records
  • G-Unit Clothing Company
  • G-Unity Foundation Inc.
  • G-Unit Books
Birth Place New York City, USA
Height 183cm
Gender Male
Father S
Mother Sabrina Jackson
Net Worth $30 Million
Sun Sign Cancer
Born in New York City, USA
Famous as Rapper, Composer, Businessperson, Record producer

50 Cent: Career in music

A friend introduced him to Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC, who was launching his music label “Jam Master Jay Records” in 1996. Jay taught him how to count measures, write choirs, structure songs, and record them.

50 Cent made his first official appearance in a song titled “React” with the group Onyx on the album “Shut ‘Em Down” released in 1998. After leaving Jam Master Jay, several Trackmasters producers took notes on the rapper and contacted him to sign a contract with Columbia Records a year later. Later, he was transferred to a New York studio, where 36 songs were produced in two weeks, 18 of which were included in his unofficial release album, “The Power of the Dollar of 2000.” A project that was eventually canceled.

50 Cent
50 Cent is performing live

After the release of his single “How to Rob,” 50 Cent rose to prominence. Rappers such as Jay-Z, Kurupt, Sticky Fingaz, and Big Pun were among those who reacted to the song. On the other hand, Nas, the rapper, was pleased with the theme and invited 50 Cent to join him on a promotional tour for his album “Nastradamus.” The song was also slated to be released as a single from the album alongside other tracks. However, the rapper was shot several times on May 24, 2000, just two days before filming the video for “Thug Love.”

Despite having a publishing agreement with Columbia Records, he was kicked off the label and placed on the recording industry’s blacklist for his song “Ghetto Qu ‘Ran” (“Koran of the Ghetto”). He couldn’t find a studio to record in the United States, so he traveled to Canada, where he recorded more than thirty songs for mixtapes with his manager Sha Money XL. 50 Cent’s popularity grew gradually, and in 2002, he released a compilation album titled “Guess Who’s Back?”

Around 2002, rapper Eminem heard a copy of Guess Who’s Back?, which impressed him so much that he decided to invite 50 Cent to Los Angeles, where he met Dr. Dre.

After signing a deal with Shady Records and Aftermath Entertainment, 50 Cent released the mixtape “No Mercy, No Fear,” which included the track “Wanksta,” which was used by Eminem on the soundtrack of the film 8 Mile.

50 Cent released his debut album, “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” in the month of February 2003. The album was a huge success, so much so that Allmusic named it one of the best debut albums promoted by a rap artist in a decade, and other media dubbed it a total smash. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling 872,000 copies in the first four days. The album’s main song and the most played song was “In da Club,” which reached number 18 on VH1’s list of the 100 best hip hop songs of all time. He also broke the Billboard record for the most radio plays in a single week.

The album “The Massacre” was released in March 2005 and sold over 1.1 million copies in the first four days. With that album, 50 Cent topped the Billboard 200 for six weeks and became the first artist to have three Billboard top five singles in the same week, with “Candy Shop,” “Inferno Disc,” and “How We Do.”

Due to an incident in May 2004, 50 Cent was sentenced to two years of probation on July 22, 2005, for three counts of assault and aggression.

“Curtis,” 50 Cent’s third studio album, was released in September 2007. It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, selling 691,000 copies in its first week.

Dr. Dre produced the song “OK, You’re Right,” which was released on May 18, 2009. This song was released as the first official single from the album “Before I Self Destruct.” The rapper also appeared in the new season of VH1 Behind the Music that year.

Curtis released his song “Outlaw” to the internet on November 16, 2011, and it was produced by Cardiak. After a 12-year partnership, 50 Cent left Interscope Records, Shady Records, and Aftermath Entertainment on February 20, 2014. To date his fifth studio album, Animal Ambition, he and his label G-Unit Records signed a distribution agreement with Caroline Records and a recording contract with Capitol Records.

50 Cent Networth 2021

As of 2021, 50 Cent’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million, a significant decrease from recent years, when Forbes estimated his net worth to be $150 million.

50 Cent
50 Cent is posing in his car

50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson, is a New York-based American rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

Despite the news stories about the lawsuit filed against him and his decision to file for bankruptcy, he is one of the richest rappers in the world. This decision is thought to be made solely to avoid paying millions of dollars.

50 Cent: Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Height:  6 feet (1.83 m)
Weight:  94 kg (207 lbs)
Chest:  49 inches
Waist:  34 inches
Bodytype:  Body Builder
Biceps:  17 inches
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

50 Cent: Childhood and Early Life

On July 6, 1975, 50 Cent was born as Curtis James Jackson in a Jamaican neighborhood in Queens, New York City to a drug dealer mother. When 50 Cent was eight years old, his mother died in a strange fire accident, forcing his father to leave as well, leaving the young James in the care of his grandmother.

50 Cent
50 Cent photo

As a child, 50 Cent had no musical ambitions, and in order to make ends meet, he followed in his mother’s footsteps and began dealing drugs at the age of 12. He would bring guns and drugs to school and be once caught.

His street peddling career came to an end when he was arrested as a teenager for possession of cocaine, heroin, and crack. He was sentenced to prison, and for the first time in his life, he could see where his life was going.

He claims that he began boxing at the age of 11 in order to be able to defend himself against his enemies, which he apparently had a lot of as a young street kid.

50 Cent: Awards

  • American Music Awards to Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Male Artist: 2003.
  • World Music Awards Best Artist of the Year: 2003.
  • World Music Awards Best New Artist: 2003.
  • Radio Music Awards Artist of the year, Hip Hop Radio: 2003.
  • Billboard Music Awards Album of the year, Get Rich or Die Tryin’: 2003.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist of the year: 2003.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist of the year R&B/Hip Hop: 2003.
  • Billboard Music Awards Rap Artist of the year: 2003.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist of the year Hot 100 Male: 2003
  • BET Awards Best new artist: 2003.
  • BET Awards Best Hip Hop Male Artist: 2003.
  • American Music Awards Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’: 2003.
  • MTV Video Music Awards Best Video Rap, In da Club: 2003.
  • MTV Video Music Awards Best new artist in a Video, In da Club: 2003.
  • Pop Music Awards Composer of the year: 2004.
  • International Dance Music Awards Best Rap/Hip Hop, In da Club: 2004.
  • Billboard Music Awards Single of the year Hot 100, In da Club: 2004.
  • Billboard Music Awards Ringtone of the year, In da Club: 2004
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Composer of the year: 2004.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Top R&B/Hip Hop song, In Da Club: 2004.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Top Rap song, In Da Club: 2004.
  • World Music Awards Male artist with most sales: 2005.
  • American Music Awards Favorite Rap/Hip Hop album, The Massacre: 2005.
  • Pop Music Awards Best musical interpretation, In da Club and P.I.M.P.: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist of the year Hot 100: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Rap artist of the year: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist of the year: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Artist R&B/Hip Hop of the year: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Best rap song, Candy Shop: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Best Ringtone, Candy Shop: 2005.
  • Billboard Music Awards Best album, The Massacre: 2005.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Top ringtone of the year, In Da Club: 2005.
  • AVN Awards Best Interactive DVD and Best Music, Groupie Love: 2005.
  • Pop Music Awards Composer of the year: 2006.
  • MTV Video Music Awards Japan Best Hip-Hop video, Outta Control: 2006.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Composer of the year: 2006.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Top Rap song, How We Do: 2006.
  • Rhythm & Soul Music Awards Ringtone of the year, Candy Shop: 2006.
  • BET Hip Hop Awards Villain of the year: 2007.
  • World Music Awards Rap/Hip Hop artist with most sells: 2007.
  • Grammy Awards Best Rap Acting, Crack a Bottle» (50 Cent, Eminem y Dr. Dre): 2010.

50 Cent: Private life

The rapper prefers to keep his personal life private and believes that the details of his life away from the stage should be kept private. Journalists learned that Jackson has a son named Marquise with Shaniqua Tompkins. Curtis frequently posts photos of himself and his second son Sire on his Instagram page.

50 Cent
50 Cent photo in his car

Curtis is a successful businessman who has voiced several video games, signed a five-year contract with Reebok (2003), and starred in an advertisement for the energy drink “Vitamin Water.”

50 Cent: Social Media

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He is Huge fan of Slim Shady

In 2002, 50 Cent wrote “Wanksta,” the song that would propel him to stardom. “Wanksta” was a fun party song, but it was also a dig at 50 Cent’s rival, rapper Ja Rule (1976–). The feud between the two musicians began in 1999 when Ja Rule was robbed and accused 50 Cent of being involved. 50 Cent claims in the song that his rival is merely a gangster wants to be: “You say you a gangsta, but you never copped nothing’/You say you a wanksta, and you need to stop frontin’.”

50 Cent
50 Cent photo with Eminem

Fifty Cent sent “Wanksta,” along with a few other songs, to Paul Rosenberg, the manager of the hottest rapper at the time, Eminem (1972–). Eminem immediately called 50 Cent and invited him to visit him in Los Angeles. In June 2002, 50 Cent signed a deal with Shady/Aftermath Records, Eminem’s personal record label, for a reported $1 million. He was the first rapper to be promoted by Shady/Aftermath Records. It was a “match made in hip-hop heaven,” according to Serpick.

Shady/Aftermath, unlike Columbia Records, immediately put 50 Cent to work. Later that year, three of 50 Cent’s songs, including “Wanksta,” were included on the soundtrack to 8 Mile, a film loosely based on Eminem’s life. “Wanksta” received a lot of radio airplay, and fans flocked to buy the new rapper’s CD.

50 Cent and Eminem entered the studio to begin work on 50 Cent’s debut album. Several of the songs were produced by Eminem, while others were produced by hip-hop legend Dr. Dre (1965–). The album, titled Get Rich or Die Tryin’, was released in February 2003 and quickly went platinum. It sold nearly one million copies and reached number one on the Billboard charts just days after its release.