A look Into Johnny Simmons And Emma Watson Dating Timeline

Johnny Simmons

Johnny Simmons used to have dreams about being on a movie set as a child. When he received his big break in the feature picture Evan Almighty in 2007, his desire came true. He played Dylan Baxter in the film, with Steve Carell and Lauren Graham. Since then, he has been in several Hollywood films, including Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Hotel for Dogs, Jennifer’s Body, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

He was either every girl’s high school infatuation or a bashful lover pining for a girl who wouldn’t notice him as a teenager with a consistent appearance in adolescent movies. However, at 35, you may not recognize the popular high schooler. He’s grown into quite the stud, and fans are fascinated by his love life, which is basically non-existent save for one high-profile affair. The actor likes to keep his personal life private, although we know he was formerly in a relationship with his co-star, Emma Watson.


Johnny Simmons’s Ex-Girlfriend Emma Watson

Simmons and his ex-girlfriend were caught hugging and making out outside a Santa Monica L.A. restaurant in August 2011, according to Us Weekly. Simmons dropped Watson off at the restaurant for lunch with some friends, according to an eyewitness, and they parted ways unhappily.


“The couple seemed to be really in love.” For a time, they held each other and kissed gently. An onlooker told the site, “[They] looked quite open and not attempting to disguise their devotion.” The couple met while shooting The Perks of Being a Wallflower and started dating soon after, but they never announced their relationship.

Johnny Simmons

The pair had previously been seen together, but they denied dating. They were seen working out (and laughing) at a park in rural Pennsylvania in May, where their video was shot. Her spokesperson, however, adamantly denied that they were dating. The actor and his ex-girlfriend then refused to leave each other’s side at an MTV Movie Awards afterparty in June. During their passionate night out together, Simmons even groped his girlfriend’s bottom, according to eyewitnesses.

Johnny Simmons and Emma Watson Have Ended Their Relationship

Sadly, their romance did not endure. It is unknown when Simmons and Watson divorced, however, their relationship was reportedly on the rocks by November 2011. Simmons’ girlfriend had invited him to accompany her to London, where she had just enrolled at Oxford University to study English before finishing her degree at America’s Brown University. But the Evan Almighty actor declined to accompany the Harry Potter actress, claiming that their relationship was difficult. Watson was anxious about the connection from the start.

Johnny Simmons

“Johnny has been distant with her, and she is concerned that it is because he is overwhelmed by her celebrity.” They hadn’t seen one other in a long time and had scarcely talked. “She has asked him to Oxford, but he has yet to accept,” a source informed the Daily Mail.

They said that Watson didn’t want things to be uncomfortable when she and Simmons reconnected for the film’s promotion.