A Peek Look Into Jessie Mueller And Andy Truschinski Relationship

Jessie Mueller

Jessie Mueller has been seeing her partner, actor, and producer Andy Truschinski, since 2009. Theirs is a love story that began on the stage. Their relationship may be described as a showmance.’ However, there isn’t much to see. Mueller and Truschinski keep their love lives very private — particularly Mueller, who doesn’t even have a social media account where she might post things about him.

Jessie Mueller’s Relationship with Boyfriend Andy Truschinski

Despite the fact that Mueller and Truschinski met and began dating in 2009, Her inner group most likely knew about him, but the general public didn’t until years later. It wasn’t until 2012 that his name was mentioned. During an interview with Paul Wontorek in May 2012, Wontorek asked her about her partner. “Outed the boyfriend,” the Broadway star exclaimed, to which Wontorek replied with an interrogative, “was this a showmance, correct?”
“We were a little embarrassed about that,” Mueller said.

Jessie Mueller

Mueller and Truschinski met on the set of A Christmas Carol when they played opposite one other. They appeared in the play at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, where she played Belle and he played young Scrooge. In the play, they were each other’s love interests. When questioned whether everyone knew they were “hooking up,” the Candy star said, “I don’t think so.” “We were extremely nice about it,” she said, adding that “nothing really” occurred until the performance ended. They merely saw one other as great individuals and didn’t feel ready to date at first.

He was in New York with her at the time of the interview. However, as is typical with theatrical players, they were soon required to travel considerable distances. In a further chat with Wontorek, this time in May 2014, she said that she would only meet Truschinski on occasion. He was on tour with the drama War Horse, playing throughout the nation. They spoke a lot on FaceTime, and he would fly via New York whenever he could. They had been doing long-distance for almost nine months at that time, and even when she originally relocated to New York from Chicago.


‘Best Heart I’ve Ever Known’

Mueller and Truschinski have been married for almost a decade and have been through a lot together, both emotionally and professionally. She has said several times that it was his presence that kept her grounded all these years. “He has the finest heart I’ve ever met,” she told the Star Tribune in October 2019.

Jessie Mueller

“It’s almost like we’re married,” the actress continued. Their lives altered dramatically once they relocated to New York (where they currently reside), and he remained by her side. He has accompanied her to several Tony Awards ceremonies, and apart from public appearances, they have had a peaceful, low-key existence together. Except for red carpet events, the only time they’re seen together is on his Instagram, and even then, it’s not very frequently.