A RHOBH Fan Criticizes Kyle Richards For Interfering In A Conversation Between Garcelle And Erika

Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards was chastised by fans this week for interfering in a discussion that didn’t include her on Bravo’s RHOBH, which returned for an all-new episode on Wednesday night. Garcelle was going to confront Erika about her excessive drinking when Kyle barged in to defend the latter. Erika and Garcelle discussed her choice of words towards her adolescent son in Episode 10, titled So You Say. During a Garcelle-hosted party, an obviously inebriated Erika urged her son, “Get the f**k out of here.”

Fast forward to Sutton’s party, when Garcelle saw that, despite Erika’s promise to have just one drink, she was quickly on her third. As a result, Garcelle decided to approach her and inquire if she had a problem balancing her medicines and booze.

In the most recent RHOBH episode, what occurred between Erika and Garcelle?

Garcelle calmly reminded Erika that although she recognized her booze level was at an all-time high during her party, it didn’t give her the right to mistreat anybody. Erika accepted full responsibility for her actions and apologized to Garcelle, stressing that what she said was not malicious. Garcelle then pointed out that Erika needed to keep track of her medications and tablets. In response, the RHOBH star said that it was her medicine that made her tired and prompted her to act inappropriately.

Kyle Richards

Midway through the talk, Kyle interjected to add that she had known Erika for seven years and that she had never misbehaved due to alcohol in that time, therefore justifying why Erika needed a little space. Garcelle stated she did not anticipate Kyle to interrupt her talk and that this is what she meant when she suggested the RHOBH star jumped ship. She went on to state that she was having a discussion with Erika and wasn’t saying anything offensive enough for Kyle to intervene. Fans who saw the program were not pleased with the encounter. They turned to social media to criticize Kyle for entering and attempting to participate in a discourse that did not include her.

Fans chastise Kyle Richards for interfering in a private chat in RHOBH

Fans noted on Twitter that Kyle injected herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her. Some admirers praised Garcelle for calling out the RHOBH star’s actions.

Here’s a rundown of what occurred in RHOBH Season 12, Episode 10 this week.

Sheree attempted to soothe the tension between Garcelle and Kyle by describing the whole issue. She informed Kyle that Garcelle required Kyle to remain impartial at the moment. Erika began to describe her position and the cause for her terrible conduct, revealing that she had a prescription change, which made her weary and spikes up, as Garcelle saw.


She went on to say that the conduct she saw at her party was the result of one too many cocktails. Erika then said that before cursing Garcelle’s son, she praised her twins, saying their mother reared them properly. RHOBH airs on Bravo every Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET. More information may be found in local listings.