Al Pacino And His Girlfriend Have 53 Year Of Age Difference

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Al Pacino, one of Hollywood’s originals, is now 81 years old. But, as he and Hollywood as a whole have often shown, age is only a number, whether in acting or dating. The Scarface actor has had a number of romances with ladies with whom he has a significant age difference. But it seems that he is performing better this time than in the past. His new partner doesn’t seem to mind that they are 53 years apart in age.

Al Pacino is dating Noor Alfallah

Pacino made headlines on April 9, 2022, when he was spotted with Noor Alfallah, 28. They were seen eating at Felix Trattoria in Venice, California. Despite the fact that they left the event together, no major media source suspected at the time that it may have been a love excursion. However, two days later, Page Six revealed that it was, in fact, a romantic supper, despite the presence of several A-list guests, including Jason Momoa and Julian Schnabel.

Noor Alfallah

According to a source on Page Six, the two began dating throughout the epidemic. That suggests they’ve been dating for around two years. Furthermore, despite their age gap, they apparently got along extremely well. “The age difference does not seem to be an issue, despite the fact that he is older than her father,” the insider continued.

Alfallah, according to Page Six’s article, has a history of dating older guys, which their insider source confirmed. She had previously dated Mick Jagger (2017) and Nicolas Berggruen, and she has been connected to Clint Eastwood. She stated that the latter was simply a “family friend.” The pair met in Hollywood because she, too, is in the show industry, although in a minor capacity. She has directed and produced two short films, Brosa Nostra in 2018 and La Petite Mort in 2019.

Al Pacino’s Relationship History

Pacino’s dating history is a saga of several short-term romances with showbiz women. Jill Clayburgh is the protagonist of the story. Pacino and Clayburgh dated before Pacino became famous. They shared a New York apartment and even assisted one other with auditions. They even intended to marry and have children, but after five years, Pacino called it quits and broke the romance.

Tuesday Weld was the next lady he dated. This romance lasted barely a few months. Then there was Veruschka von Lehndorff, the German actress who was everyone’s fantasy sweetheart at the time. Pacino could bind her, but only for a little moment. Pacino and his second girlfriend, Diane Keaton, met on the set of Godfather. They were in three Godfather films together but did not begin dating until the third film was released in 1990.

Their Hollywood experience and mutual admiration for their work connected them, despite their relationship lasting barely three years. Pacino’s second female girlfriend was Beverly D’Angelo. They met on a plane between Los Angeles and New York. Pacino seemed to be in a stable, committed relationship for the first time. After many failed attempts at conception, the couple gave birth to twins — Anton and Olivia — through IVF in 2001.

However, things did not go well for the couple once their child was born. By 2003, they had become estranged and were embroiled in a custody fight, which they had to resolve secretly in 2004. Following that was his longest relationship to date. Pacino began dating Lucila Polak in 2008, and the two soon began discussing marriage and children.

al pacino

However, his relationship with Polak ended similarly to his first. This time, it was Polak who was unwilling to commit to such long-term obligations. They allegedly split up in 2019. Meital Dohan is the most recent ex-girlfriend of the Oscar-winning actor. They probably began dating out soon after things ended with Polak, although the timeframe is a little hazy. Pacino and Dohan dated for around two years before splitting up due to their age difference. Even though he was a legendary actor, he was still an “elderly man,” according to her.

“So even with all of my love, it didn’t endure,” Dohan said in February 2020. Another thing she disliked about him was his aversion to spending money. “How do I express respectfully that he disliked spending money?… He just purchased flowers for me “She continued to pour on. Nonetheless, she was happy that they dated and hoped they might be close friends.