Alistair Overeem Religion & Wiki: What’s His Ethnicity? Is He Muslim?

Alistair Overeem

Many fans of Dutch professional boxer Alistair Overeem are interested in his personal life, especially his religious beliefs and faith. Overeem has been making headlines lately when one of his images revealing remarkable weight reduction appeared. He used to be recognized for his massive physique. Alistair Overeem, born Alistair Cees Overeem, is a professional heavyweight MMA fighter and kickboxer from London, England.

The Dutch marital artist is presently a heavyweight competitor in the Singapore-based kickboxing company Glory. Overeem has been engaged in the professional fighting industry for more than two decades. During his illustrious career, the boxer was the first to hold heavyweight crowns in both MMA and K-1 kickboxing. He has formerly held the titles of Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, K-1 World Grand Prix Champion, and Dream Heavyweight Champion. In addition to his business life, many of his fans and followers are curious about his religious beliefs and religion. Learn more about it in the sections below.

Alistair Overeem Religion: Is He Muslim?

Alistair Overeem is a Muslim or a follower of Islam. According to sources, the UFC official is one of the few Muslims in the Netherlands. According to 2018 estimates, Islam is practiced by 5% of the Dutch population, making it the religion with the second-greatest following after Christianity. Overeem’s mother is from the Netherlands, for those who are unaware. The boxer grew up in the country with his mother and sister.

Alistair Overeem

Growing up in his maternal homeland, which had a tiny Muslim population, did not deter him from practicing and adhering to his religion. Furthermore, the MMA fighter often blesses his Muslim friends and followers on the occasion of Muslim holidays such as Ramadan. Above all, in any interviews, the Dutch professional boxer has avoided discussing his ideas and religion. Regardless, his religion and strong convictions must have helped him survive or deal with adversity.

Alistair Overeem Family Ethnicity And Origin

Alistair Overeem was born on May 17, 1980 in London, England. Despite being born in England, the former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion is of Dutch descent. His Dutch mother and Jamaican father greeted the UFC official. Overeem’s maternal family is related to Dutch King William III.

Alistair’s parents divorced when he was six years old, effectively ending their marriage. The professional boxer must have been influenced by his parents’ divorce. Following his father’s divorce, the boxer’s mother relocated to her hometown and reared him and his brother, Valentijn Overeem. Furthermore, Overeem started his martial arts training as a child to protect himself from bullies. Valentijn, his older brother, trained him.

Alistair Overeem

Valentijn Overeem is a former MMA fighter and kickboxer who was the runner-up in the RINGS King of Kings 2000 Tournament and the RINGS Free Fight Dutch Heavyweight Champion. Alistair eventually chose to follow in his brother’s footsteps. He and Valentijn joined Chris Dolman’s martial arts facility to seek a future as professional fighters. He was initially dissatisfied with the sport since he repeatedly lost to more competent fighters, but after meeting Bas Rutten and Joop Kasteel, he decided to completely devote himself to training. Despite this, Alistair Overeem has a supportive mother and older brother. They must be proud of him.