All Look At Taylor-Joy And Malcolm McRae Relationship

Malcolm McRae

Casual dating was never something Anya Taylor-Joy wanted to do. So when she met her partner, Malcolm McRae, she knew she had found someone suitable. Their relationship is built on spending time together doing boring activities and finding enjoyment in them. It is also mostly a long-distance one. For the longest time, the pair kept their connection a secret, and even today, when she speaks about it, she doesn’t share anything.

Relationship History of Anya Taylor-Joy and Boyfriend Malcolm McRae

She initially mentioned having a boyfriend in March 2021. Elle conducted the interview from her bathroom since her spouse had just arrived home and was rearranging his musical equipment. This implied that he was a musician. However, she did not reveal anything further about their connection. The Sun reported in June 2021 that Anya and Malcom were “practically” living together. They were apparently “inseparable” at the time and lived at her Los Angeles house.

The pair were first seen in public in September 2021. She was reported to be dating Matt Smith at the time. So, this kiss at the 78th Venice International Film Festival put an end to suspicions about Matt. On October 19, 2021, Malcolm posted a photo of himself with Anya on Instagram. The two seemed to be in good spirits, holding hands in front of what appeared to be a shop’s reflected view glass.

Malcolm McRae

“Oof extremely delighted,” he captioned the image, thus establishing the connection. Anya and Malcolm made their romance public when they walked the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party red carpet in March 2022. Since then, red carpet appearances have increased, as have Instagram postings.

How Anya Taylor-Joy Feels About Her Boyfriend’s Long-Distance Relationship

Anya and Malcolm’s relationship has been largely long-distance. They both have careers to manage, with Anya possibly traveling more than the other. The pair, who were reported to be inseparable in June 2021 in her LA house, had migrated to England by late March 2022. They then resided in her London house on occasion, while she spent the most of her time in the United States. Even though she had to travel often, they still spent time together, primarily reading. She was an ardent reader who read a book every day when she had the time.

Malcolm was the ideal person for her to read with.

“I told my lover the other day that he was my pastime,” she said to Vogue in March 2022. “I consider reading as something I must do.”

Malcolm McRae

Malcolm agreed with her since, according to her, they were the same.

“I’ve finally met someone who would sit in quiet with me while I read,” she continued. “We’re 80 years old and seven years old at the same time, and it works extremely well.”

She recognized that long-distance relationships were stressful, but they were also enjoyable. “It’s also sort of cool because when you’re together, you really appreciate the time that you have,” Anya said. They had a good time performing chores together. She enjoyed “going to the gas station with him” and “going out for breakfast.” When she was “down and out about love,” Malcolm put a stop to her days of watching Sex and the City.