Amari Bailey Surprised His Mother With a Car

Amari Bailey

Amari Bailey makes it a point to express his love for his mother regularly. Just a few months ago, the high school basketball star surprised his mother, Johanna Leia, with some flashy new wheels for the holidays. If Leia’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because she was previously Drake’s girlfriend.

Amari Bailey mother
Amari Bailey mother

Amari Bailey Purchased a Car for Mom for the Holidays

According to TMZ, Bailey gave his mother what seemed to be a 2022 Porsche Cayenne. He announced to the world that he wanted to start the holiday season a little differently, so he bought his mother a car — not just any car, but a $70,000 Porsche.

He went on to say,

“Thank you for all of your sacrifices in order for this goal of mine to come true.”

I adore you. But I thought I’d beat you to it and fetch the whip for you. Leia, who claimed to be a relatively private person in general, couldn’t contain her joy and chose to make an appreciation tribute for her adoring kid.


“I am still astounded by what this genuinely signifies,” she began.

To her, the gift she received was a manifestation of Bailey’s heart, brain, work ethic, and the countless hours he devoted to training to get to where he was. She stated that the only things she ever desired from her kid were a grin on his face and no holes in his heart.

“My dream is to see you live yours and to assist you in every way I can,” Leia explained.

“But it’s simply incredible that you chose to say thank you and make me smile at the age of 17. Pook, keep living your life.”

Truly, the 17-year-hard old’s work had paid off, and he was now one of the top high school players in the 2022 class, and the 5-star recruit signed with the UCLA Bruins in November 2021.

Since the NCAA passed the temporary name, image, and likeness (NIL) policy in July 2021, the potential basketball starlet has enjoyed a steady income stream.

Amari Bailey’s Thank You Notes

In May 2020, the rising star released an appreciation post for Leia in which he revealed a slew of photos of himself as a kid with his mother. He wrote in the caption that he’d always be puzzled how she’d been able to do so much for the family while being a single mother.

She was a mother who didn’t always have the desired discussions, but he still required them. She was the glue that held the family together. He described how their lives behind the scenes had been a roller coaster journey, but the mama-bear never lost her cool. Bailey couldn’t stop herself from expressing her admiration for her.

“Our best buddy connection confuses people, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. “Few, if any, people can say they have a mother who shares their morals and ideals. Mamabear, I adore you.”