Amber Lizette, Alexa Demie’s High School Friend, Reveals Her True Age Beside a Yearbook Photo

Alexa Demie’s

Alexa Demie has been in the industry for quite some time, but it was the release of Euphoria that rocketed her to stardom. The actress plays Maddy Perez, the industry’s latest “IT” girl, who is complicated but confident.

Her explosive wardrobe choices and innovative makeup on the blockbuster HBO series are iconic, and each episode never fails to send off a wave of trends.

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However, the same show raised debate regarding her true age. The controversy began in 2020 after Demie earned more attention for her position on the show, and it resumed in 2022 when the second season of the hit show premiered.

Demie’s character is a 17-year-old high school student, although her true age is a source of contention. All of the cast members are adults in their early twenties, and many assumed Demie was as well.

In fact, in interviews, the actress was portrayed as being in her early twenties. During a 2019 interview with Instyle, the actress did not refute the interviewer when he stated that Demie was almost 25.

Alexa Demie’s Opinion on Kissing a Minor

When The New York Times conducted a piece on her that same year. They also claimed that she was 24 years old. Demie gave an interview in 2019 in which she stated starting a sunglasses collection called Mainframe. In her senior year of high school. @iamsarinotsari discovered an old interview regarding her business in which she mentioned that she was 19 years old in 2010.

The user also discovered material indicating that Demie was 29 years old, not 24, as she claimed. They distributed screenshots indicating that Demie graduated from John Marshall High School in 2008. Demie’s admirers were irritated because the actress lied about her age, but there was another reason they were furious.

She kissed Sunny Sujic, an 11-year-old minor at the time, in a scene from her film Mid90s when she was 28.Fans were outraged by the obscene incident, but when confronted about the kiss, the Euphoria star justified it.

“He’s just so cool, and it felt extremely comfortable and safe, and there’s no way I didn’t want to be a part of it,” the actress explained.

The Age Scandal of Alexa Demie

Demie’s age issue was revived after it had cooled down, but individuals have recently taken to Twitter to discuss it again.

Amber Lizette, also known as amber lizette25 on TikTok. Submitted a video on February 18 claiming to have gone to high school with Demie.

She displayed the actress’s yearbook photo, and users swamped her comments section, asking how old she was. The user posted another video in which she said that she was 32. And requested people to stop referring to Demie as “aged.”

Her videos have been retweeted, and some users have uploaded another yearbook photo of the actress. They also stated that the Euphoria actress lied about her age the entire time. Some chastised her for posing as someone younger, while others backed her, claiming it wasn’t a big issue. They claimed that Demie’s talent and acting abilities were everything, and we couldn’t agree more.