Amy Childs Raises Her Daughter Differently

Amy Childs

Amy Childs has two children from two distinct relationships. Of course, her children Polly and Ritchie are equally adored. But one of them is raised differently by The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) celebrity. Polly regularly appears on her mother’s social media. Ritchie Jr., on the other hand, has yet to make an appearance in public. But why is one of Childs’s children on the internet while the other is not?

Amy Childs raises her daughter in a unique way.

Childs received a lot of queries about her children’s looks on her social media around September 2020. When admirers observed she only disclosed Polly on the internet, they began to wonder whether she loved her daughter more than her son. In response to these inquiries, she informed The Sun that she didn’t put Ritchie Jr. on programs or on Instagram due to an arrangement she had with his father. “I must receive around 20 messages a day about Ritchie,” the British TV personality stated. “But essentially, myself and Ritchie’s dad decided together not to put Ritchie on social media or TOWIE.”

Amy Childs
She also disclosed that the choice to appear on TV programs and Instagram was entirely up to Ritchie Jr. after he reached the legal drinking age. Childs also denied claims that she didn’t love her son as much as she did. “Of course, I adore him just as much as Polly,” she joked. Polly and Ritchie Jr. have made different choices because their dads were different. It had not been easy to live with that choice. She didn’t want either of her children to feel abused or excluded as they grew up.

The TOWIE actress also said that the manner she controlled their internet presence was not a reflection of her feelings for them. “It’s simply different fathers making different judgments,” she said. She also defended her choices, claiming that it was none of their concern how she raised her children. Polly wasn’t being forced to use social media by Childs, either. Her daughter, on the other hand, seemed to like the attention and possibilities that come with being exposed. “Polly is the star of the show,” Childs stated of her daughter. She was hilarious and enjoyed being in front of the camera. However, this did not limit her options for what she wanted to do when she grew up. She might work in television or any other field.

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Amy Childs’ Family Life and New Boyfriend

Childs has two children with two different ex-boyfriends. Polly was born in April 2017 as a result of her ex-boyfriend Bradley Wright‘s relationship. In 2013, Childs and Wright began dating. Their relationship was always sporadic, and they finally split up in 2017, just weeks after Polly was born. Following the conclusion of this romance, the reality star started dating Ritchie Sr.

Amy Childs

She didn’t say much about Ritchie Sr. except that he was a businessman. In April 2018, she revealed that she was expecting her second child. Ritchie Jr. was born on September 1, 2018, at 4:12 a.m. by Childs. When she announced his birth, she did not reveal his name. It seems that she and Ritchie Sr. made the decision to keep their kid away from the internet from the start. She inadvertently disclosed his identity during an interview in March 2020, after he had been born for 18 months. Child and Ritchie Sr. divorced 11 months after the birth of their son. She is presently dating her current lover, Billy Delbosq. He owns a gym and works as the director of a flooring firm. According to her postings with him, they seem to be serious about their relationship. In December 2021, they will get matching Cartier rings.