Andrew Lincoln Left The Set Of “The Walking Dead” To Spend Time With His Family

Andrew Lincoln

Since the show’s pilot in 2010, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes has been linked to the blockbuster drama series The Walking Dead. In the first season, a former Georgia sheriff ventures into the zombie-infested world in search of his wife and kids. Lincoln’s character has encountered several hardships in the realm of the wandering dead since then.

Lincoln’s role was as a focal point of the TV program, but he departed at the show’s peak. When the actor declared his departure from the program, fans and the franchise were taken aback. Lincoln did, however, address the pressing subject of why he departed at the announcement.

The Reason for Andrew Lincoln’s Departure

At the San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018, Lincoln declared his resignation from the program. To the amazement and dismay of the audience, the actor said, “this will be my final season portraying Rick Grimes.” Lincoln compared his co-stars and cast mates to family, but he added, “I have a real family, and it’s time for me to go home.”

In an interview with EW, the actor revealed that The Walking Dead shoots in Georgia for more than half of the year. It kept him apart from his wife and children, who resided in England for extended periods of time.

Andrew Lincoln

“I have two small children, and I reside in a foreign country, and they get less portable as they grow older,” Lincoln continued.

Lincoln had intended to quit the show after season 8, but his departure didn’t happen until the fifth episode of season 9. The actor also hinted that his romance with Grimes was not ended. Later, on a November 2018 episode of the after-show Talking Dead, it was reported that the actor will reprise his role as Grimes in a Walking Dead trilogy.

Andrew Lincoln’s Family Life with Wife and Children

Lincoln’s personal life is famously secretive. He’s said that the longer he’s been in the spotlight, the more he’s desired and struggled for a normal existence.

“I’m passionately proud of my work, as well as fiercely protective of my privacy.”

In real life, the actor is still known as Andrew Clutterbuck, which provides him some obscurity. “Everything in my life revolves around Clutterbuck. As a result, I can fly beneath the radar.” However, details regarding the actor’s personal life have begun to emerge. Lincoln has been married to his wife Gael Anderson for about 16 years as of this writing. He apparently met Anderson when she was working as a floor runner on the set of Teachers.

Andrew Lincoln

The actor described his desire to settle down as straightforward in a 2010 interview with The Scotsman, saying, “I saw someone who I simply fell for, it was fantastic.”

“I believe ours is a relatively conventional love tale. “We met, spent time together, and then I proposed, and we married and had children,” Lincoln continued.

Lincoln’s wife grew up in the spotlight as the renowned rocker Ian Anderson’s daughter. She is an actress who formerly worked as Gwyneth Paltrow’s secretary. Lincoln and Anderson have two children, Arthur, 11, and Matilda, 13. He said that being a spouse and parent provides much-valued order to a life that may quickly devolve into chaos.

“Family comes first. It increases my productivity. Work is work, and then I return home – and nothing is more grounding.”

Lincoln’s concept has not changed throughout time. He quit The Walking Dead to spend time with his wife and children.