Who Is Andy Roy? Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Ethnicity

Andy Roy

Andy Roy is a competitive skateboarder who rose to prominence in the 1990s after going commercial and acquiring a string of successful sponsors. He was later arrested, and he rose to prominence again through skateboard footage on his Instagram handle.

Andy posted a number of videos demonstrating his skateboarding abilities, which helped him gain over 160K followers. His internet celebrity has also led to a number of changes, including the creation of his own show, “Rip Ride,” in which he interviews other professional skateboarders.

Quick Facts

Celebrated Name: Andy Roy
Real Name/Full Name: Andy Roy
Gender: Male
Age: 51 years old
Birth Date: 6 July 1971
Birth Place: Santa Cruz, California, United States of America
Nationality: American
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 55 Kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Wife/Spouse (Name): Erin Roy (Divorced)
Children/Kids (Son and Daughter): Cruzie Roy
Dating/Girlfriend (Name): Priya Khosla
Is Andy Roy Gay?: N/A
Profession: Professional Skateboarder
Salary: N/A
Net Worth in 2022: $12 Million

Andy Roy Biography

Andy Roy was born on July 6, 1971, in Santa Cruz, California. There is little information available about Andy’s life before he became a competitive skateboarder.

He hasn’t revealed much about his background, youth, or education, except that he developed a strong passion for skateboarding at a young age and spent a lot of time honing his skills. At the time, ambitious skaters spent the majority of their time at the skating rink, carrying camping gear, drinking beer, and grilling.

Andy Roy Age, Height, Weight

Andy Roy was born on July 6, 1971, and will be 51 years old on September 10, 2022. His height is 1.73 m and his weight is 55 kg.

Andy Roy
Andy Roy



Despite the fact that some of his skate clips received attention, he gradually gained popularity. He continued skating in contests, which led to him being sponsored by Santa Cruz Skateboards and eventually becoming commercial.

The collaboration began well, but he soon lost his sponsorships because he objected to the advertisers’ requirement that he looks a certain way. Following that, he was promoted by Focus, but events did not unfold as quickly as he had hoped. Regardless, he decided to pursue his vocation.

Roy was hurt, as is common for many elite skateboarders, and he was dissatisfied. He became addicted to heroin after starting to use it. The drug was created in 1874 and derived from morphine.

It is well-known for its psychoactive properties, but it is also used to treat pain in many countries. This can be injected, breathed, consumed, or sniffed, and the effects are usually immediate and last for a few hours.

On the other hand, addiction to the substance has been shown to be extremely harmful, frequently resulting in a slew of negative side effects. Addiction is widely treated with pharmacological treatment and medications.

His need for pleasure drove him to criminality, and he was soon committing fraud and other narcotic crimes. He was arrested in the 1990s at Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP), a California maximum-security prison. It is a 276-acre prison named after a small beach on the California coast.

The jail is well-known for its aggressive inmates, who are frequently intensively monitored in preventive detention 23 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, the jail has two maximum security sections.

Roy returned to the competitive skateboard circuit after serving two years in prison and quickly came back strong. He joined the company Anti Hero Skateboards, which began supporting him as he rose to prominence.

Although he maintained a quiet persona for the next several years, frequently commuting to skating competitions, he began to gain internet celebrity when he established his own online presence.

Andy Roy Achievements & Awards

Andy Roy is a well-known sports figure, but he was unable to win any awards during his time in prison.

Andy Roy’s Net Worth in 2022

As of November 2022, he has a net worth of more than $12 million, a remarkable professional career skateboarder’s net worth. His well-known personality has brought him to a number of high-profile skating tournaments and contests. It is expected that his fortune will grow as he resumes his pursuits.

Andy Roy is a well-known skateboarder and sports personality. He had achieved great success in his life and had avoided going to jail. As of now, he claims that he is content with his current life and profession and that he does not regret his life being ruined as a result of his imprisonment.

Andy Roy Wife, Marriage

Andy Roy was married to Erin Roy in his private life. They did, however, divorce. Cruzie Roy is their son’s name. He eventually fell in love with Priya Khosla, a well-known figure in the Skateboard World. He has been open about his ongoing heroin addiction and has sought treatment more than once since his release from jail.

Thus, according to him, his most recent recovery trip in 2019 was the best one he’s ever had because he took measures he’d never taken before. He sees a psychologist and a counselor, and he attends Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), which he credits with saving his life.