Armstead Edwards- All About Patti LaBelle’s Ex-Husband

Armstead Edwards

Armstead Edwards is the ex-husband of singer and actress Patricia Louise Holt, also known as Patti LaBelle. He is a former high school vice principal and former tour co-manager.

LaBelle, Edwards’ wife, rose to prominence as the lead singer and frontwoman of the vocal group Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. She is best known as a solo performer for hits such as You Are My Friend, If Only You Knew, New Attitude, Stir It Up, and others.

Armstead Edwards, Patti LaBelle’s ex-husband, was born in the 1940s.

Armstead Edwards, who is now 80 years old, was born in April 1942. There isn’t much mention of his parents in the conversation. Nonetheless, he has lived in Pennsylvania for decades.

Furthermore, he has rarely discussed his parents and family history. As a result, little is known about his ancestors in the media.

Patti was the one who proposed to Armstead Edwards.

During Oprah’s Master Class interview, the Philadelphia-born Patti revealed that after she and Armstead fell in love, he proposed to her several times—but she turned him down. Patti eventually asked Armstead to marry her.

Because she loved him, the Stir It Up singer says she hesitated to marry him or rejected his proposal. Patti stated in an interview that because her parents fought most of the time during their marriage, she feared the same would happen to her and Edward’s marriage.

When her parents finally divorced, the I Wish singer said she was overjoyed. Patti believed her parents were better off apart. The Grammy Hall of Famer knew she didn’t want a marriage like that after that experience.

Armstead Edwards was Patti’s manager before he married her. In 1969, Patti and Edwards married in Maryland. According to Patti, the reception was small and casual, with beer and soft-shell crab on the menu.

Patti LaBelle and her ex-husband

Patti LaBelle and her ex-husband, Armstead, have three children.

Patti gave birth to their first son, Zuri, four years after the wedding. Following that, LaBelle and Armstead adopted two more children, Stanley and Dodd Stocker-Edwards.

Stanley, Armstead’s son, is a Harvard graduate, and Dodd, his other son, is a commercial artist. Patti and Armstead took in Stanley and Dodd while they were still minors.

Their biological mother was a neighbor who had died, according to Armstead and Patti. Patti, it appears, does not want her and Armstead’s son, Zuri, to pursue a career in show business. The multiple Grammy winner once stated that she does not want her son to experience the stress and setbacks that she did while working in the industry.

According to reports, Zuri now works as a bodyguard and manager for his mother.

Why Did Armstead Edwards and Patti LaBelle Divorce?

After more than three decades of marriage, Patti and Edwards divorced. Patti explained their split in November 2018 by saying she and Armstead came to a harsh realization.

The Winner In You singer stated that she and her husband decided to divorce after realizing they couldn’t live together any longer. Patti revealed that they realized it was time to let go after they began to like each other from afar. Even though the marriage was failing, the R&B singer stated that things remained extremely amicable.

Why Did Armstead Edwards and Patti LaBelle Divorce?

LaBelle claimed she never hated Edwards, and he claimed the same. They just couldn’t live together, according to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it wasn’t because of physical fights or anything. LaBelle stated emphatically that they never fought during their marriage, which she appreciated.

Patti LaBelle, Armstead Edwards’ ex-wife, after the divorce; is she married now?

Patti was reportedly and quietly dating her then 41-year-old drummer, Eric Seats, after Edwards, according to reports in 2016. They had been together for over a year at the time.

Eric, like Patti, has had a long and successful musical career. He’s also toured with Stevie Wonder, Mary J. Blige, and Missy Elliott, and he’s produced songs for Destiny’s Child and Aaliyah. He is now the Next Great Drummer’s Executive Producer.

Is Edwards still alive and what is he doing now?

LaBelle’s former partner, Edwards, hasn’t sat up for many q and a s in recent times for someone who is cruising through his retirement life. Furthermore, unlike his ex-wife, he isn’t particularly active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. It is unclear what Armstead is doing these days as a result.