Attack On Titans Fan Celebrate Eren’s Birthday

Eren Yeager

As with any manga, anime, or animated show, the artwork and visuals can have a significant impact on a series’ success and, as a result, legacy.

While Studio WIT and MAPPA have demonstrated their artists’ abilities, some of the best Attack on Titan wallpapers and features have come from fans.

While the global Attack on Titan community awaits the season 4 finale with bated breath, many are commemorating Eren’s birthday with their own one-of-a-kind and stunning artwork.

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager (Source: Twitter)

Eren’s Birthday

Attack on Titan fans all over the world is celebrating the birthday of the series’ main character, Eren Jaeger, today, March 30th.

Eren is one of the best protagonists (or antagonists, depending on your point of view) in the entire anime/manga industry, whether you like him or not.

Over the course of the anime and manga series, fans have seen Eren transform from an idealistic young boy into a bloodthirsty killing machine and, finally, into a deity-like figure who holds the fate of the entire world in his bandaged hands.

However, this entire story arc has only taken place over 13 years in canon, making his demeanor in season 4 all the more depressing.

Eren was born in the year 835, the same year Mikasa and Historia were born, according to the series’ lore. Eren is ten years old when the Titans first breach the walls of Shiganshina, and he is fifteen when he first assumes his Attack Titan form.

Moreover, Eren would be either 23 or 24 years old by 854, the year The Rumbling begins, as it was never stated which month the event took place.

Fans Share Amazing Artwork In Celebration

There are millions of Attack on Titan fans worldwide, and today, the global community is celebrating Eren’s birthday in the only way they know how: through artwork.

Regardless of the series, character, or scene, incredibly talented artists can always be found posting their latest anime-themed creations; this week, the Titan MC-himself is the focus.

In fact, fans aren’t the only ones who are celebrating Eren’s birthday, as MAPPA has also released special artwork.

Do you want a more tangible memento? The ‘Memorial Fragment’ is an Eren figurine with four glass-pane windows depicting some of his best moments.

There is plenty of fantastic fan artwork to be admired from the Attack on Titan community, ranging from detailed water-colored paintings to animated gifs.