Audrina Patridge Talks About Her Personal Life In “Choices: To the Hills and Back Again”

Audrina Patridge

In her new autobiography Choices: To the Hills and Back Again, American TV star Audrina Patridge opens up about her personal and professional life. Her memoir was published on July 26. In the book, the 37-year-old actress detailed her experiences with A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Pine, and Chace Crawford, as well as her relationships, marriage, and the reality show based on her family’s lives that almost “torn” them apart. Audrina Patridge, who has a net worth of $5 million according to Celebrity Net Worth, revealed numerous more shocking revelations in her new book, which also covers her time on The Hills.

What did Audrina Patridge disclose in her memoir?

Audrina Patridge stated in her book that celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio sought for her phone number when she was in Las Vegas filming Sorority Row. She met the Titanic actor, as well as Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, at the time.

“We spoke for a bit. He asked for my phone number, and we corresponded briefly following our vacation to Vegas, but we never met.”

However, Audrina Patridge stated that things did not work out with them.

“Leo was extremely private, and with the continual shooting for The Hills and the media attention, it simply seemed too difficult to make anything work.”

She also said that Kevin Connolly of Entourage “wanted to make arrangements” with her but she was not interested. Patridge also discussed the same Vegas vacation that she met Chris Pine and went on a date with him. She said that the Star Trek star called her “very lovely,” picked her up in “his nice, old beaten-up automobile,” and took her to an Italian restaurant. However, the actor was “annoyed” by the continual public spotlight on their life. Their relationship was short-lived, and they split up due to their hectic schedules and Pine’s unwillingness to participate on The Hills.

Audrina Patridge

Personal Life

While discussing her dating life, Audrina Patridge recounted a moment when Justin Timberlake threw shade at her and her Hills co-stars Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. The girls were giving him with an award at the moment, but he only stepped on stage when Chris Brown took it away from them to deliver the honor.

“The girls were sad, and I was irritated by his disrespectful, diva behavior.” It was such a personal assault on us! Lauren’s mouth had just fallen. We were embarrassed.”


Audrina revealed a lot about her life on The Hills, as well as how things changed between her and fellow Hills alum Lauren Conrad when she left the program. She said that there was a lot of “turmoil” between them that they “couldn’t speak about on-camera at the time,” which was partly due to their common publicist, who would offer Conrad bigger assignments than her.

“I blamed my agents, but it didn’t help my bond with Lauren.” I also felt her to be highly domineering of her pals. If you’re in her circle, you have to do and say what Lauren does and says. Otherwise, you’re out.”

Patridge also bumped with Conrad lately while out with her kid. She stated:

“I just brought Kirra to watch Disney on Ice and bumped across Lauren and her adorable kid.” We said hi and spoke for a minute before going on.”

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge also had a chance with Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford in New York City, but the circumstances were different. Before falling in love, the couple had been friends for many years. She said that she “genuinely liked him” and that “things were reciprocal.” When the actor offered to give her a ride back to Los Angeles, she declined since her now ex-husband Corey Bohan was waiting for her. Audrina and Corey separated in 2018.

“A large part of me wishes I’d told Corey to kick rocks and simply gone out with Chace.” He’s such a gentleman, so regular and friendly. It would have been wonderful if I hadn’t let Corey back in and ruined our opportunity.”

The reality TV actress also discussed how her 2011 VH1 series Audrina caused problems in her personal life. She said that the program “torn her family apart,” claiming that the producers purposefully caused friction between her mother and sister. Audrina Patridge said that she and her sister did not talk for a year after filming before deciding to reconcile.