Austen Kroll Age: How Old Is He? Personal Life And Career Explore

Austen Kroll is a remarkable reality star from Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” has long been a prominent player in the world of celebrity gossip. Fans are always willing to go further into his life, particularly when it comes to discovering his age, thanks to his engaging charisma both on and off-screen. Austen Kroll, born on June 16, 1987, will be 36 years old in 2024. But let us not limit ourselves to a single figure. Dive in to learn more about Kroll’s thrilling journey throughout the years.

Austen Kroll, a dynamic character with a taste for the spotlight, has graced our television screens since 2014. While his age may be a draw for some, there’s a lot more to Austen than meets the eye, including his booming job and lively personal life.

Austen Kroll’s Background

Austen was born and raised in the dynamic metropolis of Washington, DC on June 16, 1987. This makes him a Gemini, a sign known for its wit and flair. He is rated #45414 in terms of worldwide popularity.

Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll’s Professional Career

Austen, apart from being a reality star, has several hats. “austen kroll age” is a common search term, yet many people are interested in his accomplishments. For example, Kroll has established himself as a successful businessman with the Kings Calling Brewing Company in Charleston. This doesn’t stop there; as a trained beer server, Austen has also started his own beer merchandising brand.¬†His passion for beer extends to his podcast, “Pillow N’ Beer,” which he co-hosts with Craig Conover. They engage in talks about pop culture, lifestyle, and, of course, beer.

Austen Kroll’s Personal Life

Austen has had his fair share of relationships in the romantic area. Madison LeCroy and Ciara Miller appear in his relationship chronology. However, allegations regarding him and co-star Taylor Ann Green have lately circulated. Despite this, both maintain mum about their dating status. Family is still important to Austen. He has a younger brother named Kyle and a sister named Olivia. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 2020 with the death of his sister, Kyle.

Austen Kroll


The solution to the query “austen kroll age” is simple: 36 years old as of 2023. Austen’s voyage, on the other hand, is full of ups and downs, excursions and experiences. Austen Kroll’s life, age, and career merit attention, appreciation, and respect, from being a popular reality personality to a successful businessman.