Axl Rose And Ex-Wife Erin Everly’s Disturbing Relationship

axl rose and erin everly

Axl Rose’s relationship with ex-wife Erin Everly has long been a source of contention among Guns N’ Roses fans. Their marriage received a lot of attention, and for all the wrong reasons. Everly, the subject of a handful of the band’s biggest singles, accused the vocalist of physical and mental abuse throughout their turbulent marriage.

Disturbing Relationship Between Axl Rose and Ex-Wife Erin Everly

Rose and Everly initially met at a gathering in Los Angeles in 1986. She was pursuing a modeling career in New York at the time but returned to her home state of California to be with him. Everly’s first lover while she was seeking someone to marry and have children with was the musician. He was sexually assaulted by his father at the age of two, and his stepfather was physically violent; she had a tough upbringing due to her father’s health, drug issues, and financial instability. They had, in a sense, discovered each other. After they moved in together that same year, she spent most of her time doing two things: modeling for money to pay the rent and caring for Rose.

He had a nasty temper, according to Everly, and he took all of his wraths back home from the beginning of their relationship. Then the physical abuse began. Her career suffered as a result of this. Because of his outbursts, she had to quit modeling. But, at first, she endured everything. In one case, in 1986, she even lied to the police about what transpired. Rose even assaulted his ex-wife in front of a large audience. He had no reservations about doing so. Nonetheless, she remained with him.

Axl Rose

She believed she could assist him in overcoming his childhood trauma. In 1994, she told People, “I felt terrible for him.” Then came their wedding, which was also forced upon them. Rose knocked on her home on April 27, 1990, and asked her to marry him. And if she didn’t, he threatened to commit suicide. Rose promised to never hurt her again or divorce her. So, 24 hours later, she married him at the Cupid Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Those pledges, however, were never fulfilled. Rose threatened his ex-wife with divorce just a month after their wedding. And two months after the divorce threats, he beat her so violently that she had to be hospitalized. According to Everly’s memories, he never assisted her financially throughout her hospitalization. But he seemed to want to mend their friendship. However, it was all a ruse. Even after she became pregnant, he continued to mistreat her. Everly found out she was pregnant in September 1990. Her desire had been to have children.

Axl Rose and Erin Everly

Rose, on the other hand, threatened to deprive her of even this. And when she miscarried in her third month, she paid for all of the medical bills alone by selling her stuff. She’d had enough of being abused. After the last beating, Everly left the relationship in November, and their marriage was dissolved in January 1991.

Axl Rose’s ex-wife testified against him.

“I want you to look at me because you’re never going to see me again,”

These were the final things she spoke to him before breaking up with him. He continued attempting to reach her, but she kept eluding him. Rose began a relationship with Stephanie Seymour in 1991. They were engaged as well, but Seymour was subjected to the same cruelty as Everly. However, unlike Everly, she filed charges. And it wasn’t until Seymour’s attorneys summoned Everly to testify against Rose that she realized she was the victim of all of this.

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She was not about to make another lady a victim. She went public with her case and testified against Rose.
Everly has now moved on with her life. She auctioned off everything relating to him from her life and house in 2013, including photographs, handwritten music lyrics, and letters to her. Their marriage certificate and wedding videos were the most important artifacts.

Is Axl Rose a married man?

Rose has not married anybody else since his divorce from his ex-wife, Everly, and ex-fiancee, Seymour. It’s also difficult to get information on his relationships. His most recent major dating rumor surfaced in 2012. In April of that year, he fueled romance rumors with rumored girlfriend Lana Del Rey. The putative pair was photographed in West Hollywood with a 25-year age gap. She was a fan of his music, and they apparently clicked right away. Despite this, nothing came of the rumor.