“Braxton Family Values” Star Tamar Braxton Got Engaged To Jeremy Robinson

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton of Braxton Family Values is betrothed to Queens Court winner Jeremy Robinson, according to the concluding installment of the Peacock series, which was broadcast on March 16. Six months after the program aired, the pair is still together and organizing their nuptials.

Jeremy Robinson is an Atlanta-based lawyer. He is the creator of the Jr. Law Group, which offers legal guidance to its customers, and he has five children from four separate relationships. Jeremy explained in a 2019 interview that he is “decent and cordial” with his ex-wives.

Jeremy Robinson earned his GED while he was in juvenile jail.

Robinson was reared in New Orleans by his unmarried mother, who was addicted to drugs. He had two crimes by the age of 16 and was sent to youth detention, where he obtained his GED. After being freed in 1995, Robinson entered the Marine Corps and deployed in Iraq. After escaping an explosives assault, he was given an AirStrike Flight badge. Jeremy was advanced to the position of Sergeant twice. He received a bachelor’s degree from Auburn University and the Combat Strike Flight Air Medal during his six years of duty.

Tamar Braxton

After 14 years, he left his employment and enrolled in a four-year part-time nighttime study at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School, as well as serving at the Naval Air Station Atlanta. Jeremy worked at a Personal Injury Firm shortly before finishing in 2010, which helped him learn more about the requirements of customers.

He later became a champion for men’s rights and founded the Jr. Law Group. In an interview, Jeremy Robinson stated about his organization:

“We prioritize connections over numbers. Our staff knows that our customers are in difficult circumstances, and we attend to their requirements with care. We devise a successful legal plan with implementation to achieve desired outcomes as a result of attending to their requirements.”

Many of his workers, as well as Jeremy, volunteer for different NGOs and other groups that support military veterans, LGBTQ initiatives, and racial inequality. Jeremy is also the President and CEO of Rags 2 Riches Logistics. Robinson’s mother died of cancer, which linked him to Tamar, who also lost her sibling to cancer in March 2022. Jeremy also disclosed that he saw a hummingbird at his mother’s burial, which surprised Tamar because her sister had previously stated that she would return to the world as a hummingbird.

In the season conclusion of Queens Court, Jeremy Robinson proposed to Tamar Braxton.

Tamar Braxton, the season 2 champion of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition, stated in the final show that she wanted her companion to be a buddy. Robinson then said to her:

“I’m not just eager; I’m ready. So much so that I refuse to be your buddy. I’m not interested in being your buddy. “I’d like to be your husband.”

Tamar Braxton

Braxton approved the proposition and chose to inform her son and ex-husband right away. Queens Court featured three ladies attempting to discover their ideal partner among a group of 21 individuals. Despite connecting with two guys on the program, singer Nivea decided to go home alone, while Basketball Wives actress Lozada got engaged to Lavon Lewis. All Queens Court shows are now accessible to watch on the Peacock streaming app.