BTS’ RM Revealed His MBTI Test On Instagram Explaining His Personality Traits


Based on their responses to a series of questions, participants are classified into one of 16 personality types by the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In a famous personality test among K-pop stars, BTS’ RM recently disclosed that his personality type has changed again, before going on to offer an explanation with ARMYs. He shared an image of his revised findings on Instagram, indicating that his new MBTI type is ENTP, sometimes known as the “Debater.”

BTS’s skilled leader has taken the MBTI exam twice before. Prior to 2019, his MBTI personality was thought to be INFP. When he retook the personality test in 2019, he had the result ENFP, which means “Champion.”

BTS’ RM admits that he does not take the MBTI test seriously.

When BTS took the MBTI test earlier this year, the findings revealed that he is an ENFP – a personality type defined as confident, passionate, proactive, inventive, and warm – attributes that aptly describe him as an artist and leader. After retaking the exam, his new MBTI type, known as the “Debater,” revealed itself.


People with this personality type are known to be daring and inventive in the pursuit of their objectives. Regardless of the opposition, they remain firm and resolute. The gifted rapper, however, recommended that the MBTI findings be taken with a grain of salt, claiming that everyone was accountable for their own fate.

Check out the responses of the ARMY below:

RM debuted his first tattoo on the day of the group’s reunion.

The Bangtan leader is the most recent member of BTS to join the tattoo line. On June 10, 2022, BTS’ return day, he unveiled his “friendship” tattoo on Instagram, followed by a photo of the number ‘7’ inked on his ankle to commemorate 9 years of BTS and their anniversary special comeback with the anthology album Proof. As recommended by SUGA, group member V recently announced on Weverse that all members of the septet were preparing to get matching friendship tattoos. Jimin and Jungkook are the only other members of the group that has tattoos.


Yet to Come by BTS debuted at number one on Melon’s Top 100 list.

It’s only been a few hours since BTS dropped their return MV, Yet to Come, the first single off their anniversary special anthology album Proof, and the song has already achieved its first milestone. Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) debuted at number one on MelON’s ‘Top 100’ chart around an hour after its worldwide release. This is the first time an artist has grabbed the top place on the chart less than 24 hours since its rebranding in August 2021. Furthermore, Yet To Come debuted at the top of Melon’s ‘Real-time’ list immediately after its release.