“Call Me Chihiro” Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

Call Me Chihiro

It is anticipated that the world debut of Netflix’s newest Japanese drama film, Call Me Chihiro, will take place on the streaming site on Thursday, February 23, 2023, at 3 am Eastern Time (ET). The main character of the film is a woman who worked as a prostitute in the past and is now employed at a bento stand, where she develops meaningful relationships with many of the clients. Kasumi Arimura plays the main role of Chihiro in the film Call Me Chihiro. A number of other actors and actresses also play key supporting parts. Rikiya Imaizumi is one in charge of directing the movie.

Call Me Chihiro on Netflix: A look at the trailer, the narrative, and what viewers may anticipate, along with more information

On December 13, 2022, Netflix presented the official trailer for their show titled “Call Me Chihiro.” It provides a preview of the many significant occurrences that are going to take place in the life of the heroine Chihiro, who once worked as a prostitute but is now employed at a bento stand.

Call Me Chihiro

With her new employment, she quickly becomes friends with a large number of clients, and she plays a significant part in altering their worldviews and attitudes about life. The movie’s idea is explained in the opening voiceover that can be heard at the beginning of the trailer:

Chihiro is now employed at a local bento store, although in the past she worked as a prostitute. The preview provides a glimpse of the movie’s pleasant atmosphere by summarizing various touching events from Chihiro’s life and presenting them in a condensed format. Along with the teaser for the film, Netflix has also released the film’s official description on its YouTube account. The synopsis reads as follows:

If you were to meet her, the whole world would be different. Chihiro is a woman who used to work in the adult entertainment industry and now works at a modest bento store in a coastal town. In this section, she explains the significance of living one’s life according to one’s own preferences in an era when everyone struggles with some form of difficulty in their lives. This remarkable story stars Kasumi Arimura.”

From what has been seen in the trailer and described in the plot summary, audiences may anticipate a story that is both emotionally engaging and conceptually deep, and which delves into a variety of intriguing topics such as the will to live, happiness, and many more.

An introduction to the cast of Call Me Chihiro

In the recently released drama film on Netflix, Kasumi Arimura stars as the main character, Chihiro. Chihiro is a lady who is always happy and full of excitement, but the thing that really distinguishes her is the melancholy streak that runs through her. She is the life and soul of the movie, and her journey is at the very center of the emotional impact that the film has on its audience. Kasumi Arimura has starred in a number of well-known and critically acclaimed films and television shows in addition to her role in the anime series Call Me Chihiro. Some of these films and shows include Phases of the Moon, Zenkamono, Prior Convictions, and Sensuikan Cappellini-gou no bouken, to name a few.

Call Me Chihiro

Lily Franky, who plays the part of Utsumi, is an actress who co-stars in the show with Kasumi Arimura Arimura and has a significant role as well. Fans may anticipate Franky to play a key part in the film, despite the fact that information on Utsumi is being kept under tight wraps for the time being. Some prominent film and television roles that Lily Franky has played include The Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House, He’s Expecting, Our Little Sister, and Like Father, Like Son, amongst a great deal of other work.

Other great performers such as Toshie Negishi, who plays Nagai, Mitsuri Hirata, who plays Bito, and Ryûya Wakaba, who plays Taniguchi, are among the supporting cast. In addition, there are many more brilliant actors. On Thursday, February 23, 2023, Netflix will begin streaming the anime series Call Me Chihiro, so be sure not to miss it.