Candace Cameron Bure Is Being Chastised For A Remark She Made About The Future Of LGBTQIA+ People

Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron Bure, an American actress, was chastised online for making divisive remarks on the future of LGBTQIA+ representation on her new network, Great American Family (GAF). On November 14, the 46-year-old diva was asked whether the channel intended to present same-sex couples as protagonists in a film, to which she allegedly said no. She justified her response by saying:

“I believe the Great American Family would prioritize traditional marriage. My heart desires to write tales with more significance, purpose, and depth.”

Candace Cameron Bure announced her resignation from Hallmark Media in April 2022, announcing that she would be joining the ex-CEO of Crown Media, Bill Abbott, at his new firm. Before being granted an executive position at GAF, the actress worked for almost 13 years shooting 30 movies for Hallmark. Her new position also demanded that she provide material for the network. Bill Abbott resigned from Hallmark and Crown Media in January 2020 after censoring a Zola advertisement depicting two women kissing.

Candace Cameron

Reactions on Twitter to Candace Cameron Bure’s remarks

Bure’s remarks on Great American Family concerning LGBTQIA+ inclusion went viral, and Twitterati lambasted her viewpoint. Several commenters criticized her for being homophobic, while others said that Bure quit Hallmark because the network would not adhere to her restricted ideas. Some Twitter users were also surprised to see that Bure’s previous remarks had gone ignored. They claim she has been forthright about her feelings from the beginning. Hilarie Burton and Jojo Siwa, among others, chastised Bure for her remarks. Burton criticized Bure and Abbott’s beliefs.

“They are now openly confessing their prejudice. When Abbott was at Hallmark, I called him out on it years ago. I’m glad they let him go. Being LGBTQ is not a “fad.” That man and his network are awful. Candy, you as well. Same-sex couples are nothing out of the ordinary.”

Burton labeled Bure a “hypocrite” who was attempting to profit from a “prejudice wave” in another tweet. Jojo Siwa recently slammed Bure, calling her “the rudest star.” On her Instagram account, she mocked the Full House star.

“I can’t believe, after all that happened only a few months ago, she would not only make a movie with the purpose of excluding LGBTQIA+ people but also brag about it in the press. This is impolite and insulting to a whole community.”

Did Candace Cameron Bure say anything else in her interview?

Bure explained her switch from Hallmark to GAF in a Wall Street Journal interview because the latter network reinforced traditional ideals.

“I knew the individuals behind Great American Family loved the Lord and wanted to promote religion programming as well as wonderful family entertainment.”

Candace Cameron

The 46-year-old actress said that her first GAF film would be a faith-based drama named A Christmas… The narrative will follow a lady who is suffering in her marriage and is reintroduced to Christianity by her widowed brother. Bure has yet to reply to the outrage she received after her statements in a recent Wall Street Journal interview.