Carley Shimkus And Peter Buchignani Welcomed Their First Child

Carley Shimkus

Carley Shimkus, a Fox News anchor, and her husband Peter Buchignani just had a kid. Shimkus made the announcement on Instagram with a video from Shot of the Morning. The post’s caption read:

“Hello, Brock. Welcome to the world. You’ve opened a door in our hearts we didn’t even know existed. Your father and I adore you! Thank you for the standing ovation, @foxandfriends! It’s possible that I won’t be able to return on Monday. But I’ll see everyone again shortly.”

Todd Prio and Ashley Strohmier, the show’s hosts, also showed their joy as they broke the news in the video. Prio said that Carley’s kid would be raised by the whole Fox and Friends family.¬†The baby’s name is Brock Edward, and he weighed 7 pounds and 1 ounce when he was delivered, according to Strohmier. Shimkus confirmed she was pregnant during an interview on Fox & Friends First in August 2022:

“I’m going to be a mother!” This excites me tremendously. I can’t wait to see my spouse, Pete, with the baby. He’s going to be the finest father! … There have been many changes, many of which have been positive.”

Carley Shimkus

Peter Buchignani is a Princeton University graduate.

Peter Buchignani, who was born on September 21, 1986, has two siblings and has been living and working in Chicago since 2015. According to his LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, he has lived in Illinois for most of his life. He graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He used to play football and was named All-Ivy twice. He also played defensive end and tight end at the university level, as well as basketball in high school. He opted to pursue a career in business and began his work as a sales analyst at Barclays Capital. He worked there from 2009 until 2011, following which he moved on to Deutsche Bank.

Peter began working at Amherst Pierpoint Securities in the business development department in securitized product sales in 2015. He is a huge Michigan Wolverines supporter. Carley Shimkus and Peter Buchignani initially met in 2011 during the latter’s birthday celebration. In 2013, their acquaintance blossomed into a loving partnership, and they married in 2015.

Carley Shimkus

All About Carley Shimkus

Shimkus is presently a Fox News Channel co-host for Fox & Friends First. She started as a production assistant on Fox Business Network before becoming an associate producer. She is well recognized for her appearances on Fox & Friends First, where she reports on everything that is happening around the globe. Carley Shimkus formerly worked as a reporter on Fox News Headlines 24/7, a replacement anchor on FNC, and a Fox Nation co-host. She has previously co-hosted programs such as Countdown to All-American New Year.