Catherine McBroom Faced Backlash For Self Removing Her IUD

Catherine McBroom

When the blogger removed her IUD in December 2021, she received a lot of flak. Catherine spoke about her experience on Snapchat and the removal technique she utilized. She stated she chose to remove the IUD herself after researching it online. She also said that her removal was simple and painless, as if her body had surrendered to the gadget. Her actions drew widespread condemnation from online users, who pointed out that the removal procedure is dangerous and should only be performed by a professional. During self-removal, a person may encounter some difficulties, resulting in a dip in blood pressure, discomfort, or infection.

Catherine McBroom’s Snapchat story is explained as a YouTuber who emphasizes her pregnancy.

Austin and Catherine McBroom have always been open about their pregnancies with their fans and following. So when Catherine released a video titled “Rating Pregnant Wife’s Valentine’s Outfit,” people anticipated the pair to announce their pregnancy. The video contained images of Catherine showing off a pregnancy bump, which puzzled enthusiastic viewers. The photographs, however, were eventually discovered in 2020, when she was expecting her third child, Steel McBroom.

Catherine McBroom

Catherine McBroom was not expecting and just shared an outdated picture.

On February 15, Catherine shared a few photos of her family. One of them showed the blogger a baby bump, leading some visitors to assume she was pregnant. On closer study, one can see Catherine referencing her third kid, Steel McBroom, in the photograph. In the photo, she is pregnant and has a “Steely” (yellow heart emoji) inscribed on it. She was wearing a pink and yellow tie-dyed dress in the photo and seated in a convertible.

Catherine McBroom

Catherine McBroom is not presently pregnant, as seen by her Instagram stories and photos. The blogger said she does not want to have a kid for at least five to 10 years. Austin, too, thought his family was complete with three children and stated:

“So, ACE Family, this is pretty much the end of our having kids adventure.” We now have a full, large, complete family, and we couldn’t be happier.”