Chris Distefano’s Married Life With Wife Jazzy Is Going Strong; Baby Due in 2021

Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano is a well-known American comedian who rose to prominence after appearing on reality shows like Guy Code and Girl Code. He also co-hosted the MSG TV show The Bracket and the sports reality competition Ultimate Beastmaster.

In addition, he hosted several stars, including fellow comic Nikki Glaser, in his weekly interstitial series Stupid Questions with Chris Distefano (2018) on Comedy Central. Chris is a family man with a supportive wife and a lovable child, in addition to being a true entertainer.

However, this came after a string of failed relationships. Learn about the comedian’s personal life, including his married life with his wife, baby news, and previous relationships with girlfriends, in this section.

Quick Facts

Full Name Chris Distefano
Date of Birth Aug 26, 1984
Age 38 Years
Height/How tall?
5 feet 11 inches
Profession Comedian
Father Name Anthony “Tony” Distefano
Mother Name N/A
Gender Identity Male
Is Married? Yes
Is Gay?
Net Worth $2 million

Chris Distefano Networth

Chris Distefano’s net worth is about $2 million as of January 2023.

The Couple Is Expecting a New Child

Yes! Chris and Jazzy Distefano are expecting their first child. A quick glance at Jazzy’s Instagram handle reveals that the couple is very excited to welcome their second child. Jazzy even expressed her excitement about becoming a mother on Instagram on January 20, 2021. “MAMA: embraces it all as it comes, with love as the driving force,” she wrote.

“Being a mother is without a doubt the hardest “job” in the world, but it is also the most rewarding,” she added. On April 1, 2021, the soon-to-be mother of two shared a couple of photos with her husband Chris, showing off her baby bump. The couple expects to have their first child in May or June of 2021.

Jazzy, my wife, and I have been married for over 5 years

Chris, a stand-up comedian, married Jazzy Distefano, a Zumba instructor, in February 2015. Jazzy became pregnant with his first child the same year they married, and their marriage entered a new chapter. Delilah Distefano, their daughter, was born in May 2015. Chris took to Instagram in December of that year to dedicate a post to his wife and daughter, who he claims changed his life.

He captioned a beautiful photo of his wife holding their daughter, “These two girls changed my life.” “The best year of my life was 2015.” “Thank you @ jajajazzy 7 for our lovely Delilah.” “I’ll love you both for the rest of my life,” the comedian added in his caption.

Chris Distefano
Chris Distefano

Jazzy, on the other hand, revealed on Instagram on March 1, 2021 that she was the mother of two children. That came as a surprise because she and Chris had never revealed that they were expecting their second child.

It could be anything — the couple may have two children, but they have only revealed information about their first child, Delilah. In another scenario, Jazzy may have given birth to a child from a previous relationship.

She wrote in her post, which revealed she had two children, “I didn’t work out at all for my first two children. I’ve been actively training and teaching classes for this pregnancy, and I feel fantastic!”

Chris and his co-ex-girlfriend star’s have Splitted

Chris dated his Girl Code co-star Carly Aquilino in 2010 after four years of dating. The couple spent a significant amount of time together. They posted a funny video in 2013 after moving in together, showcasing their joy at discovering they weren’t pregnant. Unfortunately, they split up in 2014 after four years of dating.

Fans were shocked to learn of the breakup because he and his then-girlfriend had shared many intimate moments on social media.

He is an outspoken supporter of the gay community

Chris, who was born on August 26, 1894, has always been a witty person. His comedy in Brooklyn, New York has a witty but upbeat tone. He avoids getting involved in contentious political issues.

Chris does, however, occasionally take to Twitter to post tweets in support of the LGBTQ+ community. He did exactly that in June 2015, when he tweeted to congratulate his gay friends on the US Supreme Court’s approval of gay marriage.

He penned, “Congratulations to all of my gay friends on the wonderful news of the day! From this point on don’t talk about my a** if u ain’t ready to put a ring on it.”