Chris Kattan Left Celebrity Big Brother

Chris Kattan

Star Big Brother (CBB) is not for every celebrity. Fans were alarmed when comic Chris Kattan unexpectedly quit season 3 earlier this year. While Kattan’s absence from live streams for some time created the impression that he had resigned, the rumor was substantiated in episode 7. He was overheard telling Chris Kirkpatrick that he wanted to go home and was struggling to remain in the CBB house.

Miesha Tate later assembled all of the houseguests and read from an envelope to make an announcement. She read out loud,

“Chris Kattan will not be returning to the ‘Big Brother’ house.” He just wants you to know he’s OK.”

In addition, the houseguests were shown a film made by Kattan just for them. He apologized in it for abruptly departing without saying goodbye in person. He declared,

“I’m sure many of you are aware that this has been a challenging experience for me.”

Furthermore, he then commended each of the houseguests, interspersed with a few jokes. In return, the competitors complimented the comic as well.

Kattan had expressed his desire to be removed from the previous show.

Mirai Nagasu and Kattan were placed in the block during the previous elimination round. The latter repeatedly urged that the members of the House vote him out. When it was his chance to persuade the people, he said the same thing.

Chris Kattan

Kattan said,

“I believe it is time for me to move on, and you [Nagasu] have been really committed to playing the game.” It’s been really significant to you. And I’ve seen it for a long, you know, from a couple of weeks, you’ve had a lot of dramatic moments, and I believe you should remain and I should go, and I’ll see you all on the outside, I love you all.”

However, his requests were not granted, and Nagasu was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. His Instagram photos have gotten a lot of attention since the news of Kattan’s departure began to circulate. This week, he posted a photo of himself with journalist Maria Libri-Sigle, hinting at a romantic relationship between the two.


Who was the seventh Celebrity Big Brother houseguest to be evicted?

Chris Kirkpatrick became the subject of house politics in Celebrity Big Brother season 3, episode 7. All of the houseguests voted him out. Meanwhile, only Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, Lamar Odom, Shanna Moakler, Cynthia Bailey, Todd Bridges, and Carson Kressley remain in the competition.