Chuu The Lead Singer Of Loona Is Said To Have Signed Up With BY4M Studio


Several media sources say that K-idol and LOONA member Chuu is going to depart Blockberry Creative to join a new agency, fueling concern over his future. The band and its main vocalist are now promoting their special summer return album, Flip That.

Chuu is rumored to be in joining BY4M Studio.

On June 22, a South Korean media site reported that Chuu is leaving Blockberry Creative and is seeking a new agency, BY4M Studio. On March 29, the member allegedly filed a complaint against the agency. According to them, she initiated the action in order to have her exclusive contract with the agency terminated. While no specific explanation was given, many fans suspected that the singer desired distribution rights to her work, which would entail the flexibility to set her own schedule rather than the agency’s, as well as greater income.


Wikitree stated in December 2021 that Chuu had obtained a preliminary injunction against the agency and that the court had largely supported Chuu’s request. Blockberry Creative declined to comment on the situation. The artist looks to be breaking away from Blockberry Creative and is presently in talks with BY4M Studio, an entertainment firm that specializes in social media and digital marketing.

Chuu’s absence from the February performances sparked consternation among supporters.

Chuu, the lead singer for LOONA, made her debut in December 2017 as part of Blockberry Creative’s ‘Monthly Girl Project.’ In 2018, she was quickly accepted into the ranks of LOONA. She was in Queendom 2 with the rest of the band, but she was glaringly missing from the LOOVERSE: FROM performances last month on February 11 and 12.


The agency stated the absence was due to “health issues” at the time, however in light of fresh evidence, many LOONA followers dubbed Orbits believe the idol was overworked, and her continuing legal struggle with the agency is confirmation of that. Given the agency’s handling of the vocalist, the group’s fans seem to be happy with the choices. While they wish her well, many also expressed optimism that she would stay a member of the female group, even if under a new name. LOONA looks to be mismanaged by Blockberry Creative on a regular basis. After the agency’s financial issue was revealed in September 2021, the organization faced disbandment.


According to sources, the firm owed more than $100 million in unpaid payments to numerous external businesses that collaborated with them. Fans of the band have sought assistance from a variety of sources, including Drag Queen Kim Chi and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


Meanwhile, the main singer of the group has had a diverse career, balancing web shows, television programs, web series, and the K-pop group all at the same time. Chuu Can Do It, Dating Class, Wild Idol, Family Register Mate, and Law of the Jungle – Spring Special are some of the outstanding artists’ shows in Jeju.