Constance Wu Has Spoken Out About The Abuse And Hatred Drected At Her 2019 Tweet

Constance Wu

Constance Wu, the Terminal List actress, has spoken out about the abuse and vitriol she experienced over her 2019 tweet regarding the renewal of Fresh Off the Boat. The actress went offline a few days after the event and hasn’t been on the internet in three years. She eventually spoke up about how the criticism had impacted her emotionally, leading to attempted suicide. During this period, she also worked on a book, Making a Scene, which she just promoted in a tweet. The book addresses how to get treatment when you’re in mental distress and how to cope with trauma.

Constance Wu tweets that she is making gradual and steady efforts to return to social media.

On Thursday, July 14, the Crazy Rich Asians actress sent a long tweet diving into the online abuse she endured in 2019. She began by telling people that she had been gone for over three years and was hesitant to return to social media owing to her previous experience. She said that she was afraid but was attempting to re-enter the platform. She also advertised her book, writing:

“I authored a book called Making a Scene while I was away.”

After making a “careless” statement concerning the continuation of her program Fresh Off the Boat, she revealed how terrible her position became in 2019. The actress said that the outrage from the remark had such an impact on her that she attempted suicide. Constance Wu explained on her blog:

“Three years ago, when I made irresponsible tweets regarding the renewal of my TV program, it sparked controversy and harsh online shaming.” I felt terrible about what I’d said, and when a fellow Asian actor informed me I’d become a plague on the Asian American community, I felt like I didn’t even deserve to live.”

Constance Wu

She went on to write:

“I was an embarrassment to AsAms, and they’d be better off without me.” Looking back, it’s bizarre that a few DMs persuaded me to commit myself.”

Fortunately, one of her friends discovered her and brought her to the hospital. Constance Wu opted to take a sabbatical from work and social media after the event to concentrate on her mental health. Se went on to say that Asian cultures do not discuss mental health as much as they should. She continued, saying:

“AsAms don’t discuss mental health enough. While we are eager to celebrate representation victories, there is a lot of avoidance in our community surrounding the more difficult topics.”

She went on to say that the event caused other Asian Americans in the sector to “avoid” her, which “hurt a lot.” However, the experience provided her with a better understanding of mental health concerns and helped her realize “how vital it is to reach out and care for others who are going through a difficult moment.”

She revealed why she wrote her book in the first place. She hopes that her book will help readers “reach out and speak about the awkward issues” while they are going through a difficult time. She went on to write:

“So, although my book isn’t necessarily the most favorable representation of myself, it’s as honest as I can be.”

Because the fact is that I am neither poised, elegant, or flawless. I’m overcome with emotion. I make a lot of errors!” She closed the article with the guarantee that she will gradually return to the internet and social media.

What did Constance Wu tweet in 2019?

Constance Wu had an unexpected response when Fresh Off the Boat was renewed for a sixth season in May 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The actress said on Twitter:

“I’m so unhappy right now that I’m sobbing.” Ugh. F**k.”

The tweet was quickly followed by another message, which stated:

“Hell on earth”

Constance Wu

Additionally, the actress remarked “dislike” on the series’ Instagram page. The Tweets drew harsh condemnation from internet users, prompting the actress to remove the message and replace it with the following explanation:

“Today’s tweets came on the tail of a difficult day and were ill-timed with the show’s announcement.” Please let me know how thankful I am for FOTB renewal. I adore the characters and staff. I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for your support, and thank you to everyone who supports my casual usage of the term f**k.”

She went on to explain to her admirers that the renewal of FOTB meant she had to abandon a “passion” project, which was the source of her displeasure. But it wasn’t enough, and the actress had to take a sabbatical from social media to avoid the backlash.