Craig Greenberg Discusses His Experience Surviving A Campaign Office Shooting

Craig Greenberg

Craig Greenberg, a mayoral candidate in Louisville, recently escaped a gunshot at his campaign headquarters, which is housed in the four-story Butchertown Market building. According to police, at about 10:15 a.m. on Monday, February 14, a guy entered the building and opened fire on the Democrat. Despite the fact that the rounds were meant at the politician, he apparently escaped the premises unscathed. A gunshot touched his shirt but missed the target, it was subsequently discovered. Officials reacted to the event after receiving a report of an “active aggressor.”

Quintez Brown, a 21-year-old local activist, was eventually identified as the shooter and charged with attempted murder and four charges of wanton endangerment. Craig Greenberg is a Democratic mayoral candidate in Louisville. The candidate describes himself as “a proud Louisvillian, spouse, parent, entrepreneur, and community leader,” according to his campaign website. The Democrat allegedly began his mayoral campaign in 2021 and has amassed a sizable funding advantage in his bid to replace incumbent Mayor Greg Fischer. Greenberg is a lawyer who attended Jefferson County Public Schools and Harvard Law School.

Craig Greenberg

Prior to entering politics, he worked as the CEO of 21c Museum Hotels. He founded the Louisville-based firm, which expanded to include over 1000 team members and garnered worldwide acclaim for its contribution to the revitalization of Main Street and other urban districts. Greenberg has helped to other historic preservation initiatives, such as the revitalization of 111 Whiskey Row, which was almost destroyed by fire. He was also a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Louisville. During his tenure on the board, the politician spearheaded attempts to uncover the previous university president’s illicit financial activities. He also sought to prevent a projected 5% rise in student tuition prices.

The Louisville native also served on the boards of Metro United Way and the Louisville Jewish Community Center, as well as the March of Dimes’ March for Babies. He’s also a co-owner of the Louisville-based sports entertainment company Ohio Valley Wrestling. According to reports, Craig Greenberg believes in “thinking big, working hard, and making things happen.” According to his website, the politician has spent his career “making aspirations become reality” and hopes to bring the same spirit to Louisville. For the last 21 years, the Democrat has been married to schoolteacher Rachel. Daniel and Benjamin are the couple’s two kids.

Craig Greenberg discusses his experience surviving a campaign office shooting.

Quintez Brown, a local activist, came into Craig Greenberg’s campaign headquarters in downtown Louisville on February 14, 2022, and tried to shoot the politician. The Democrat was uninjured and spoke about the event later that day at a press conference:

“I am fortunate. Our crew is really fortunate. A guy entered our office. When we met him, he began firing at me.”

He said that five members of his team were in the office at the time of the event and valiantly barred the door, forcing the suspect to leave. According to the lawmaker, the rifle was “aimed squarely” at him and grazed his clothing:

“Despite the fact that one bullet touched my sweater and blouse, no one was injured, and we are really thankful for our safety. We’ve been rocked, but we’re safe.”

Greenberg was the intended victim of the shooting, according to Louisville Police Chief Erika Shields and President of the Local Metro Council David James. While Shields referred to everyone on the scene as “lucky,” the latter referred to the situation as a “assassination attempt.” The guy was apprehended 10 minutes later, half a mile distant from the campaign headquarters. He was said to be carrying a full 9mm magazine in his jeans pocket, as well as a drawstring bag containing a pistol, a handgun case, and magazines. Although no apparent motivations for the assault have been identified thus far, Chief Shields speculated that it may be tied to politics, Greenberg’s Jewish identity, or the suspect’s mental health difficulties.