Daniela Machado Has Always Been A Supporter Of Her Boyfriend Joao Cancelo

Daniela Machado

Daniela Machado is well-known for her partnership with Manchester City defender Joao Cancelo. Cancelo is one of the world’s top full-backs. Daniela, like her spouse, is Portuguese.

She is engaged to her childhood Love.

Daniela gets engaged to her childhood love Cancelo after a decade of dating. Cancelo made a passionate proposal on the beach in the Maldives on July 4, 2021. The pair revealed their engagement on their Instagram account. Cancelo tested positive for the Coronavirus, so they went on vacation in the Maldives after finishing the isolation time. He tested positive two days before his UEFA Euro 2020 match in June 2021 and was therefore dropped from the team. Diogo Dalot took his position.

One-child mother

Daniela’s daughter, Alicia Cancelo, is her mother. Daniela and Cancelo received their first child on December 24, 2019, as an early Christmas present. The lovely three-person family is now living in Manchester. Cancelo considers his daughter Alicia to be one of the few ladies who have had a significant effect on his life. Among the few women who had an effect on his life, his mother was an inspiration and a gift.

Unfortunately, his mother, Filomena, died in a traffic accident in January 2013. Cancelo wants to succeed in whatever he does so that his late mother will be proud of the kid she left behind.

Daniela Machado

A prospective spouse who is protective

Daniela is fortunate to have a spouse like Cancelo, who puts his family on top and fights for them in every scenario. The couple recently faced a terrifying scenario as four robbers broke into their Manchester house. The intruders tried to steal their jewels and intimidated and injured Daniela and their daughter Alicia. He came to Instagram to announce the news, as well as a photo of himself with facial injuries.

Joao said he was attacked by four cowards who attempted to harm him and his family and then abandoned him while he was resisting. He also verified that his family was safe, despite the fact that they had stolen all of his valuables.

She and her lover have the Same Dream of “Football.”

Daniela has been her partner’s rock of support from the day they met, and the date is December 27th, 2011. Since then, they have shared the same dream of “Football” and have traveled thousands of kilometers together on the football trip. She accompanied him from Portugal to Spain, Italy, and England.

The turning point of Cancelo’s career

Cancelo was on the brink of retiring from football after the death of his beloved mother in 2013. He was dead on the inside, having lost the light of his life, who was also the reason he was still alive. Joao didn’t want to attend to training and avoided football for a month until a phone call with his father, Jose, became pivotal in his career. He returned to football with the goal of making his late mother proud. Within four months, he was instrumental in Benfica winning the Under-19s national title, scoring both goals in a 2-1 victory against Rio Ave.

He made his professional debut in January 2014 and was loaned out to Valencia the following August before opting to go permanently the following year. Despite numerous blunders, his three years at the club helped him progress before scoring his first league goal in a 3-0 win against Deportivo La Coruna. In August 2017, he was loaned to Inter Milan. In June 2018, he signed a five-year deal with Juventus and won his first Supercoppa Italiana in January 2019.

On the 7th of August, 2019, he signed a six-year contract with Premier League champions Manchester City. On the 25th of the same month, he made his Premier League debut with a 3-1 victory over Bournemouth, and in December, he scored his first goal in a 3-1 victory over Oxford United in the EFL Cup quarter-final.

He went on to earn success with his scoring abilities and flawless assists, helping the team to its first UEFA Champions League final. In 2016, he made his senior debut for Portugal. Cancelo now has all he deserves. He has a wonderful life and a perfect family, but the one thing he is missing is his loving mother, who he believes deserves to witness his accomplishment more than anyone else. He still believes he has plenty to share in remembrance of his mother.

Daniela Machado

Cancelo wants to be the player who is not in the limelight.

During the Man City interview, Cancelo discussed his seasons at the club and how he feels he is a better player under manager Pep Guardiola. Cancelo has always wanted to play for a major club, in big games, and in important tournaments like the Champions League and Premier League. He feels they are on the greatest team in the world, and that they are all performing at a high level, making it impossible for other teams to defeat them.

When it comes to flexibility, he says he grew up as a right-back but prefers to be adaptable. He enjoys being aggressive in the squad and adapting to any role his manager assigns him. He claims that manager Pep has helped him in so many ways that he thinks he is a better player psychologically, physically, and tactically. When asked about the various roles, he says he is ready to contribute to the club as a right or left defender, a midfielder, and so on.

And, whatever the manager asks of him, he will always do his best to assist the squad. As a player, he strives to develop year after year and avoids looking at statistics since he believes they conceal what the player performs on the field. He wishes to be the guy that is not in the limelight but is vital to the club, while also aiming for more assists and goals than the previous year.