DDG Was Arrested In Possession Of A Firearm And Released After Paying $35,000 Bond


Rapper DDG recently encountered legal difficulties. According to the Los Angeles Police Department’s website, the Michigan native, also known as Darryl Granberry, was detained on June 6 and lodged at the Van Nuys Jail in Los Angeles. Darry, on the other hand, was freed after posting a $35,000 bail. According to his arrest paperwork, he was taken into custody at 9:21 p.m. PT on Tuesday and will appear in court on June 28 in Van Nuys.

Reasons for DDG’s arrest

Darryl was pulled over in his Lamborghini for dangerous driving, according to law enforcement officials. When the officers searched his vehicle, they discovered a pistol, which led to his arrest for criminal possession of a hidden weapon. Several other rappers have been arrested on various offenses in recent months. Paper Lovee was detained by Atlanta police for his suspected participation in a shooting at a convenience store. SpotemGottem was arrested in August 2021 for alleged involvement in a homicide. Polo G, Bandman Kevo, and 9lokkNine are among the other well-known names.


DDG reveals his relationship with Halle Bailey.

DDG’s relationship with Halle Bailey was formally announced in March 2022. Granberry paid homage to Bailey on her birthday by posting photos of them kissing, posing before a mirror, and Darryl placing a Halle necklace around her neck before embracing her. The caption is as follows:

“Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, the fastest, and the sweetest. “I will always love you.”

Darryl was seen with his arm around Halle during Usher’s Las Vegas show on New Year’s Day, sparking relationship suspicions. On social media, the couple alluded to dates, notably an undersea trip they went on. Darryl had previously posted a vlog in which he was swimming with Halle. He also defended Halle when someone said in a comment that she was ‘not cute to me.’ Granberry rated the user as “too old for this” and gave him a “2 on yo finest day.”


Halle Bailey is a well-known singer and actress who has been nominated for five Grammy Awards since 2018. She has received plaudits for her portrayal as Skyer Forster in the hit comedy Grown-ish. She will next be featured in the forthcoming live-action Disney picture The Little Mermaid as Ariel.

All About DDG

DDG, 24, started creating films in high school and vlogs on YouTube while attending Central Michigan University. In 2018, he signed with Epic Records, and in 2020, he launched his own record label, Zooted Music. Givenchy, a single off his EP Take Me Serious, was his debut release. In 2018, the EP was released. The next year, he released another song, Arguments, as well as his second EP, Sorry 4 the Hold Up. In November 2019, he released his first album, Valedictorian. Elon Musk, his most recent release, was published in February 2022. The following month, he became the first rapper to go to space and film a music video.