Deborah Jane Catesby Named Her Son After Inspired From A Playwright

Deborah Jane Catesby

Deborah Jane Catesby is the mother of a well-known celebrity, Kit Harington, who is both an actor and a producer. She had previously worked as a playwright.

Quick Facts

Full Name Deborah Jane Catesby
First Name Deborah
Middle Name Jane
Last Name Catesby
Profession Celebrity Mother
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse David Robert Harington
No Of Children 2

Children And Marriage

On the other hand, people are unaware of their dating lives or wedding plans. She married a businessman, Sir David Richard Harington, 15th Baronet. They had two kids together. They’re both sons, by the way. On December 26 1986, her youngest son Kit Harington was born in West London. John Harington, her son, is also a famous actor.

Her son was named after a playwright she was inspired by.

Deborah was a big admirer of a great playwright named Christopher Marlowe since she was also a dramatist. William Shakespeare, one of the world’s finest authors and dramatists, was also influenced by Christopher Marlowe. She opted to call her son Christopher Catesby Harington since she had also had a male. However, since his initial name was similarly reduced to Kit, she used to refer to him as Kit. Until he was eleven, her kid had no idea his real name.

Deborah Jane Catesby
Deborah Jane Catesby (Source: Google)

Hates To Celebrate Their Birthday

Her son, Kit Harington, is an actor best known for his role in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” He portrayed Jon Snow, and his acting talents and talent garnered him millions of admirers across the globe. Kit despises celebrating his birthday, which is unusual for a man his age. And he has a legitimate purpose for doing so.

Because his birthday falls on December 26, which is also a holiday, and people are exhausted after the Christmas celebrations, he doesn’t receive much attention on his birthday. Every year, on his birthday, he wakes up grumpy.

He was married to his co-star.

Kit Harington, her son, married his co-actor (Rose Leslie). They were both working on Game of Thrones, a popular television show. They develop affections for one other on the set. Even though they were still in their early professions, the couple chose to marry on June 23, 2018.

Deborah Jane Catesby
Deborah Jane Catesby (Source: Google)

They married in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, at Rayne Church. Since 2012, the pair has been in and out of a relationship. They made it official on September 27, 2017, when they announced their engagement. They have been married for almost nine years.


A Russian model once accused her son, Kit Harington, of having a sexual involvement with her. Olga Vlasova explained that he cheated on her husband after they married. She posted nude pictures of him on his bed with a laptop. She said they met in Luxembourg and have been in contact since then. But he refuted all of the claims and rumors leveled against him. He said he had never been to Luxembourg and had never met her. It’s completely false.

Deborah Jane Catesby Net Worth in 2022

Her net worth has yet to be revealed. On the other hand, her son (Kit) is expected to have a net worth of $14 million as of December 2022. And the yearly remuneration is $5 million, which is only an estimate; the actual value may change. He amassed his wealth and riches as a professional actor and producer and through being linked with brands and businesses. He owns a 15th-century mansion in Ipswich, Suffolk, which cost more than 1.75 million pounds. Without question, the family lives a lavish lifestyle.


  • The kit has Claustrophobia.
  • Before playing, her son aspired to be a journalist.