Dennis Prager Is Facing Backlash After A Bizarre Rant In Which He Criticizes Fifth Graders

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager, a conservative radio personality, recently came under criticism for insulting fifth-grade pupils in a weird diatribe decrying a positive school sign. During a recent episode of his radio show, Prager read a sign that said:

“You make the world a better place.”

The message was instantly labeled “dumb” by the presenter, who ridiculed the notion that fifth graders can make the world a better place:

“What an idiotic message. Furthermore, it is untrue. What has a fifth-grader done to improve the world because he or she lives in it?”

Dennis Prager is a successful author, lecturer, and conservative radio talk show presenter. He is best known for hosting The Dennis Prager Show, a nationally syndicated radio show. On social media, a video of Prager’s latest remarks emerged. As the video went viral, numerous individuals chastised the radio presenter for his remarks about fifth-grade students.

“This is a really foolish statement,” Twitter called out Dennis Prager’s remarks on fifth graders.

Dennis Prager, a radio broadcaster and speaker, got found in hot water after criticizing a positive school sign and claiming that fifth graders are incapable of changing the world. As the video of his statements went viral, various social media users turned to Twitter to criticize the media personality:

As internet criticism mounts, it remains to be seen if Prager will address the problem and explain his viewpoint in the coming days.

Everything You Need to Know about Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager was born in New York on August 2, 1948, to Max and Hilda Prager. He was raised in a contemporary orthodox Jewish family and attended the Yeshiva of Flatbush Jewish day school. Following graduation, he attended Brooklyn College and majored in History and Middle Eastern Studies. Prager took a few classes at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and the University of Leeds before deciding to leave further education.

In addition, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree by Pepperdine University. Prager’s professional career started in 1969 when he was contracted to go to the Soviet Union to interview Soviet Jews while studying in England. Following his return, he was recruited by the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry organization and quickly became the team’s spokesman. In 1976, Prager was also named director of the Brandeis-Bardin Institute.

Dennis Prager

In 1982, the Brooklyn native was hired to anchor Religion on the Line, a Sunday night religious discussion program on Los Angeles’ commercial radio station KABC. In addition, he started producing a quarterly magazine, Ultimate Issues, in 1985, which grew into a bi-weekly journal, The Prager Perspective, in 1995. Aside from that, he taught the Bible at the University of Judaism and lectured to Jewish communities worldwide over 50 times a year. The media celebrity also had a successful writing career. He co-wrote and published his first book, The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism, with Joseph Telushkin in 1975. He proceeded to write other books throughout the years, including Think a Second Time in 1996.

Dennis Prager’s work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Commentary, in addition to his nine published books. Creators Syndicate manages the majority of his pieces, which run on websites such as National Review Online and Jewish World Review, among others. Prager also contributes to The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles on a bi-weekly basis.

According to his official website, he has led various symphony orchestras, notably at famous settings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Along with his producer Allen Estrin, the media figure has developed a website called PragerU. The website produces five-minute films from a conservative perspective on political, economic, and social issues.

Dennis Prager

Prager has received several awards over his career, including the American Jewish Press Association’s Excellence in Commentary Award and the Amy Foundation First Prize for his essays in Moment Magazine. Dennis Prager was previously married to Janice Adelstein, a nurse, between 1981 and 1986. The couple also shared a son. He married Francine Stone for the second time in 1988, but the couple divorced in 2005. Susan Reed is his current wife.