Did Michael Weatherly Had A Heart Attack? Health Update

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly’s heart attack: the character of the star Dr. Jason Bull has left the courtroom. Drama Bull died of a heart attack at the conclusion of Season 2. Michael Weatherly is a well-known Hollywood actor. The New York native has established himself as one of the top actors, producers, directors, and musicians via his talent and hard work.

Weatherly is best known for playing Anthony DiNozzo in the television series NCIS from 2003 to 2016. Among the talented performer’s other great programs are the courtroom drama Bull and the comedy Meet Wally Sparks. If you watch NCIS, you may be familiar with Michael Weatherly’s weight gain and loss struggle. Fans are now wondering whether the actor had a heart attack. Continue reading to find out.

Did Michael Weatherly Have A Heart Attack? Update on Health and Illness

No, Michael Weatherly did not really suffer a heart attack. In contrast, his character in the courtroom drama Bull, Dr. Jason Bull, died of a heart attack at the conclusion of season two. Michael’s character takes a three-month leave of absence from work after having a heart attack. His near-death experience gave him a new perspective on life. Dr. Jason Bull was likewise devoted to good health, which inspired Michael to work on it during the show’s suspension. He had shed 25 pounds at the time.

Michael Weatherly Weight Gain

The actor married his wife, Bojana Jankovic, for the second time when he was 40 years old. Within five years, the couple had two children. During that period, the NCIS actor’s food and exercise habits deteriorated drastically. He also spent a lengthy period living with a pregnant lady. Although his wife didn’t succumb to her Nutella cravings, the singer said he wasn’t doing anything.

Weatherly’s job as Tony DiNozzo on NCIS also necessitates extra time. Working longer hours necessitates dining away from home. In such instances, they eat pizza and Chinese cuisine, according to Michael. Fortunately, Weatherly maintained his composure and decided to push the measures required to reverse the tide.

Between Seasons 11 and 12, the actor shed a remarkable 35 pounds. Beginning in May 2014, he asked for the help of active friends to compel him to exercise. Closer Weekly said that the skilled actor and his companion had been swimming in the Pacific every weekend. By September 2014, he was in good enough form to compete in a triathlon alongside Teri Hatcher.

Michael Weatherly was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

Michael Weatherly observed that he started snoring after gaining weight. His snoring became so bad that he had to sleep apart from his wife, which disrupted Bonjana’s sleep. In 2018, the actor admitted to sleeping on the sofa or in various rooms. Weatherly was motivated to begin his weight-loss journey and to seek snoring therapy. That’s when he found he had sleep apnea.

Michael Weatherly

Sleep apnea is a serious disease characterized by breathing disruptions during sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. The medical authorities advised the actor to use a CPAP mask. Weatherly began a more active lifestyle and began paying more attention to his nutrition, avoiding processed foods and easy carbs. He lost 35 pounds. In an interview with People, the Bull star said that he did not consume packaged foods such as potato chips. He also avoids pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, and everything else that is enjoyable to eat.