Dr. Stevie Hammer’s Departure From Chicago Med Looks To Be Permanent

Stevie Hammer

Dr. Stevie Hammer’s departure from Chicago Med looks to be permanent, as Kristen Hager, who portrayed her for half a season on the NBC medical drama, has departed the program. Kristen Hager made her debut on Chicago Med’s season 7 premiere last autumn, starring in 13 episodes.

Despite the fact that Hager has left the program, showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider have said that the character might return at any point. After all, Hammer is still alive and well after being released from Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Schneider detailed his rationale in an interview with Variety, stating,

“She’s a fantastic performer. We thought we had finished her tale about her mother and resolved it, but we’d love to have her back. And the nice thing about the ‘One Chicago’ series is that if a character is living, he or she may return.”

Stevie Hammer

Frolov teased her homecoming more, adding,

“Stevie is now returning home to attempt to reconcile with her spouse and make things work. As a result, we’re leaving it up in the air. Is this a true occurrence? She’s a character that may make a reappearance.”

Everything you need to know about Kristen Hager’s resignation from Chicago Medicine.

Kristen Hager made her first appearance on the program as a doctor in the emergency department during the seventh season opener. Stevie was last seen in Episode 14, All The Things That Could’ve Happened, in early March, when she reconnected with her mother and subsequently chose to go to Michigan to try again with her estranged husband.

Stevie Hammer

Stevie’s action put a stop to a potential relationship before it could even begin, after some will-they-won’t-they back-and-forth with Dr. Will Halstead. Will’s ex-girlfriend Hannah returned to the hospital in a later episode, and her actress, Jessy Schram, will become a series regular in the future. Even though Stevie has left Chicago, the possibility of her comeback remains. Her mother’s narrative arc may have ended, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of the character returning.

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Steven Weber, who was upgraded to series regular at the same time Hager joined the cast, has just indicated that he will return as Dr. Dean Archer next season. The reappearance of Jessie Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher, Will Halstead’s (Nick Gehlfuss) love interest who suffered from drug addiction, throws things up as well. She has been sober for two years and is back at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.