Dwight McNeil Wiki: Where Are His Parents From? Ethnicity & Religion

Dwight McNeil

Dwight McNeil’s ethnicity made news in 2020 after a remark made by a former soccer player. The Everton player hails from a football-loving family. Dwight McNeil, 24, of Everton, is the oldest son of former soccer player Matty McNeil. Matty is presently an academy coach for a national league club. Before joining Burnley, the gifted footballer spent his youth career at Manchester United. He played 134 times for Burnley before joining Everton in 2022 for a cost of £20 million.

McNeil has flourished at Everton after reuniting with his previous boss, Sean Dyche. He has been instrumental in lifting the club out of the relegation zone, and he recently scored a fantastic goal against Newcastle United in a 3-0 victory for the Toffees.

Dwight McNeil’s Ethnicity: Religion and Origin

Dwight McNeil, Everton’s winger, was born and reared in Rochdale, England. The 24-year-old footballer is from a multiracial household. Previously, Dwight was forced to discuss his ethnicity in public after a factually incorrect statement from former English soccer star Darren Bent. When McNeil was a Burnley FC player in June 2020, a horrible event occurred at the Etihad Stadium. An aircraft soared above the stadium with the words “White Lives Matter Burnley!” written on it.

Dwight McNeil

Bent said on X (previously Twitter): “Strange considering Burnley have NO black players in their squad at all.” He was met with criticism right away, with McNeil being the first to respond. McNeil claimed that, as a Bame player, he considered Darren’s words offensive, particularly to his black father, Matty. The former Burnley player said that his father had a huge impact on him and helped him become the person he is today. Looking through McNeil’s social media, it’s clear that the soccer player isn’t keen on exposing too much about his personal life. One of his postings leads us to assume he’s a Christian, but he’s not one of those sportsmen who brags about his religious views. During the Christmas season last year, McNeil gave many items to the group Cash for Kids Liverpool & NW. According to the post, “No child should wake up on Christmas morning without a present.”

Meet Dwight McNeil Parents: Matty and Tracy

Matty and Tracy McNeil, Dwight McNeil’s parents, have remained out of the public eye. Matty was a former soccer player, but he never advanced as far as his son. Matty McNeil, Dwight’s father, started his soccer career as a journeyman with Altrincham in 1996. He played for a number of clubs, notably Macclesfield Town, for whom he faced Chelsea in the third round of the FA Cup in 2006-07.

The elder McNeil retired from Chester following the 2011-12 season. McNeil made 405 appearances for 10 teams and scored 126 goals throughout his 15-year career, predominantly as a striker. Matty is presently an academy coach for Oldham Athletic in the National League. Previously, the father-son combo had done joint interviews for The Athletic, first during the peak of COVID and again while Dwight was a member of the English U-21 team.

Dwight McNeil

During the conversation, the McNeils disclosed that they occasionally replay games or that Matty would give little snippets to his kid to help him better his skills. When asked whether he feels worried before his son’s games, Matty said, “Not really.” Tracy, however, received the opposite response to that question. Tracy, a mother of three, said, “I get really nervous, especially when it’s a big game.” “I felt like I was going to throw up when we got off the highway.” Dwight is Matty and Tracy’s oldest child, with two younger siblings, Baillie and Chiara. Matty never pressured his son to follow in his footsteps, but Dwight eventually found his footing in what has now become a family heritage.