Eddie Vedder’s Throat Injury Led Pearl Jam To Cancel Their Vienna Show

Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam’s show in Vienna had to be canceled due to a throat injury suffered by vocalist Eddie Vedder. The band blamed the damage on Europe’s heat wave. Vienna’s July 20 show was canceled.

Band statement:

“We were also looking forward to Pearl Jam’s Vienna gig tonight. Our vocalist Ed Vedder’s throat was harmed by the heat, dust, and smoke at the final outdoor venue outside of Paris. His vocal cords haven’t healed despite physicians’ care. This is awful news for everyone.”

Eddie Vedder

It continued:

“Those who put on performances and those who attend… We’re sorry as a band and have attempted to perform nevertheless. Ed’s game. No throat accessible.”

They said:

“Sorry. Purchased tickets will be reimbursed. You’re welcome. PJ.”

Jeff Ament tested positive for Covid, thus Pearl Jam canceled gigs.

Jeff Ament tested positive for Covid-19 in May, causing the band to cancel certain US gigs. Matt Cameron, the band’s drummer, was first infected. After using audience members as stand-in drummers in Oakland on May 14, the tour proceeded. The band then continued the tour with former drummer Dave Krusen.

Eddie Vedder

Pearl Jam recruited 18-year-old fan Kai Neukermans to step in after Marr Cameron’s Covid audition. Josh Klinghoffer and Richard Stuverud also performed in Oakland. Mid-June began the band’s European tour. Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Hungary, Poland, and France. On July 25, they were to play in Austria and the Netherlands. This week, Europe saw high temperatures and flames. Olivier Veran, a government official, said France’s wildfires are a problem. They’ve absorbed 25 times more land than in 2021. Germany’s hottest day was also the UK’s hottest ever.

Band info

Pearl Jam is an American rock band founded in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. Bassist Jeff Ament, rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard, lead guitarist Mike McCready, lead vocalist/guitarist Eddie Vedder, and drummer Marr Cameron make up the band. They launched their new album Gigaton Live earlier this week as a follow-up to their 2020 album Gigaton.

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