EDP445 YouTube Was Banned Because Of Improper Contact With Younger Internet Users


Bryant Moreland, better known as EDP445, seemed to have his livelihood as a media professional on track until reports of his sexual misbehavior were revealed on the internet. On social media, EDP445 was chastised for improper connections with younger online users. This went viral, resulting in a chain reaction that saw his YouTube stardom and reputation go away.

Who is EDP445?

Moreland rose to prominence on YouTube because of his renowned nickname EDP445. In 10 years, he had over two million members. EDP445’s material concentrated upon comedy, his arrogant nature, and his constant brag about being a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. The former YouTuber built a name for himself and was well-known. He has been on Howard Stern’s radio program and Comedy Central in the past. He was invited to Daniel Tosh’s Tosh.0 at the time. However, everything went horribly wrong in April 2021, when the media celebrity was discovered to be in a compromised position.


What were the charges leveled against him?

According to the Predator Poachers, he has been having improper online discussions with young females. The 31-year-old was reported to have planned a meeting with a 13-year-old and acknowledged conversing with the youngster. The 13-year-old was a fictitious character created by the Predator Poachers to demonstrate the YouTuber’s improper conduct. They also revealed that they were behind the alleged 13-year-account. old’s Screenshots of Moreland’s conversation with the young adolescent have also leaked.

More information was supplied by the Predator Poachers in a now-deleted YouTube video. The social media sensation, whose visage inspired several response memes, allegedly sent the kid obscene photographs and texts over his verified Instagram account. As the accusations spread, YouTube removed Moreland’s channel and other accounts. He was also barred from using additional social media accounts, and his previous profiles were removed. EDP445’s YouTube reputation has been tarnished, and rightly so, since 2021.


What happened to EDP445 after he was banned from YouTube?

For a while, the disgraced content producer was completely absent from social media, leaving many to wonder what he was up to in the aftermath of his wrongdoing. Other YouTubers suspected that he had become a food delivery person or a Lyft driver. However, it seems that none of the above assumptions are correct. EDP445 is still active on social media. Despite the fact that the content producer does not have access to various social media sites, he has managed to get on social media. Moreland has been sighted on the live streaming platform Bigo, where he is re-establishing his content-creating identity and brand.

However, Moreland is known to be highly involved with children on the app, which has irritated netizens. Similarly, Moreland has a TikTok account that is slowly becoming in popularity. However, internet users are also upset about this, claiming that TikTok’s viewership is made up of a bigger number of children. Some internet users believe Moreland should be imprisoned, and one user-provided proof. However, no arrests were made, and according to a detective, members of the public were asked to refrain from collecting evidence while the police completed their work. While it is unknown if TikTok will take action against EDP445, a snapshot from Bigo’s Discord profile shows that the app is looking into whether action should be made against him.