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Elsa is a fictional cartoon character who serves as the Queen of Arendelle. The character appeared in the world’s most popular excellent animated film “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen II.” Elsa has received numerous accolades and positive comments from moviegoers.

Quick Facts

Full Name:Elsa
Born Date:December 22, 1818
Age:204 years
Lucky Number:7
Lucky Stone:Topaz
Lucky Color:Brown
Best Match for Marriage:Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus
Profession:Cartoon Character
Height:5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Marital Status:Single
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorPlatinum Blonde
FatherKing Agnarr
MotherQueen Iduna
SiblingsOne (Anna
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Elsa Early Life

According to the creators of the cartoon character, Elsa was born on December 22, 1818, in Arendelle. Her father and mother’s names are King Agnarr and Queen Iduna. Her paternal grandparents’ names are King Runeard and Queen Rita. Elsa, likewise, has a younger sister named Princess Anna. Elsa has magical abilities from the moment she was born, which is an intriguing fact about her. Her power was bestowed upon her by the spirits of the Enchanted Forest. However, this information was only revealed in the second installment of the film “Frozen.”

While they were playing, Anna kept falling, so Elsa intervened to keep her from falling. On the other hand, Elsa accidentally hits her with ice, which passes through Anna’s head and renders her unconscious. Then their parents take Anna to the trolls who have taken up residence in the magical forest. The leader of the troll family, on the other hand, assists Anna by erasing her memory of Elsa’s powers from her mind. They also warn Anna’s family to keep her heart safe, as it will be challenging to recover Anna if it is hit.


Elsa receives advice from the head troll on using and controlling her magical powers. He also warns her not to be afraid of her abilities. This is because fear is the only factor that will cause Elsa to lose control of her powers. Elsa’s father, King Agnarr, tells her to “conceal don’t feel.” Elsa isolates herself from everyone, including her sister Anna, and begins living in her room from that day forward. Anna remains in the room, not stepping outside a single time, and spends her time daydreaming about the days when she used to play with her sister.

Then, at the time of the coronation, all Arendelle and people from all over the world travel to the Kingdom. Also, Elsa, who was supposed to be the new queen there, becomes concerned after a disagreement with her sister and leaves Arendelle in Eternal Winter. After consulting with her sister, Anna begins a journey to break the ice and end the winter season. Finally, Elsa learns how to use and control her magical powers properly. Elsa grows more independent and fearless in Frozen Part 2. She even turns out to be one of the enchanted forest’s spirits.

Elsa Voice Actor

Megan Mullally provided the voice of Elsa in the film. Idina Menzel, a Broadway actress, and singer, later replaced her.
Idina Menzel is best known for her portrayal of Elphaba in the musical “Wicked.” In 2010, the singer and actor auditioned for the lead role in the Disney animated feature film “Tangled.” However, she did not get the part, and instead of casting her, the director recorded her voice and later revealed it to the executives of the film Frozen. When she was allowed to audition, the singer was thrilled. She was successful this time and was given the role after reading the script. The director, Chris Buck, was confident that Idina Menzel’s voice would promote in the role description, saying, “Idina has a sense of vulnerability in her voice.” She plays a solid character who lives in fear, so we needed someone who could play both sides of the surface, and Idina was fantastic.” In an interview, Menzel discussed the similarities between Elsa and Elphaba.

How Tall Is Elsa? Height, Eye Colour, Hair Colour

Elsa was twenty-two years old in the first installment of the Frozen film. She is currently twenty-four years old. She also appears in the movie as a beautiful woman with lovely hair and a slim figure. Elsa stands at 1.7 meters (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weighs approximately 56 kg. In the movies, Elsa has a silent, elegant, calm, kind, lively, and noble personality.
On the other hand, Elsa becomes extraordinarily stressed and concerned about the people she cares about most. Elsa has a small nose, pink lips, and fair skin tone. Furthermore, the lovely character has blue eyes and platinum blonde hair.

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Social Media

When it comes to Elsa’s social media presence, she is extremely popular. Elsa is adored by people of all ages, including children, adults, and even some elderly. On the other hand, Elsa cannot act like a human and participate on the social media platform because she is a made-up character. Or we can say that Elsa does not exist in reality and is merely a creation of our imagination. Because Elsa is so famous worldwide, numerous fan pages are dedicated to displaying people’s devotion to the movie character Elsa. There are also multiple images and videos of Elsa on the internet.


  1. Her lucky number is 7.
  2. She is currently single.
  3. She has a little sister called Anna.