Erik Griffin and His Girlfriend Got Engaged in 2021

Erik Griffin

In 2021, they were legally engaged. Erik Griffin, an American stand-up comedian, has been in a long-term relationship with his long-term girlfriend-turned-fiancee Rachel Sklar. While the actual beginning of their relationship is unknown, the couple began discussing and uploading images of one another on social media in 2017. They’d met on social media and spoke through direct messages.

Griffin and his girlfriend made their burgeoning relationship known to the public on Valentine’s Day 2018, giving love-filled postings to one another. They have often featured on each other’s social media since then. The pair did, however, take a temporary hiatus in late 2019. Though the podcaster and Sklar did not reveal the cause for their break, the couple made their reunion public on Instagram. Griffin’s model girlfriend captioned a video of them together on Valentine’s Day 2020, “I am in love with this lovely guy!!”

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The comedian also uploaded a collage with his girlfriend on the same day, revealing that they enjoyed a date night at Morton’s The Steakhouse in New York City.

Erik Griffin and Girlfriend Got Engaged in 2021

Griffin and his girlfriend announced their engagement intentions on his YouTube program, Riffin With Griffin, on September 21, 2020. Initially, the couple said that they had been living together since the outbreak. They also said that they had worked out their issues and were continuing on their journey to better knowing one other.

Griffin revealed at some point during the chat that they were informally engaged during the quarantine and were looking for Sklar’s perfect engagement ring. However, he explained that his partner disliked surprises and that he had left her to get the ring she desired. Sklar discovered the ring months after the interview. She announced her engagement on Instagram on July 5, 2021. She flaunted her oval diamond engagement ring in a photo with her fiancé. Griffin also shared the happy news on Instagram, where he shared a monochromatic version of Sklar’s photo and wrote, “Liked it so I put a ring on it.”

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Eric Griffin Proposes to His Girlfriend Every Morning

Weeks after announcing their engagement, Griffin revealed in an Instagram video that he had to propose to his girlfriend every morning. According to his recollections, Sklar removed the engagement ring every night before going to bed. Then, every morning, she would place the ring in its box and deliver it to the comic. Griffin then had to dig out the ring and propose to Sklar once again. The Workaholics star proposed to his fiancée during a demo, adding that his previous years had been the finest years of his life. Before placing the ring on her finger, he said she was a wonderful gift.

Without a doubt, the Los Angeles native and Sklar are in love, and they are already planning their wedding. In an Instagram post dated June 26, 2021, Sklar asked her followers to propose a wedding site with an ocean view in Los Angeles. She said that she will hunt for a bridal gown next.