Everything You Need To Know About Dianne Holechek – The Ex-Wife Chuck Norris

Dianne Holechek

Dianne Holechek was a model and actress best known as the ex-wife of Chuck Norris, a renowned martial arts champion, award-winning actor, activist, and philanthropist.

Quick Facts About Dianne Holeche

Full NameDianne Holechek
First NameDianne
Last NameHolechek
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1941
Age82 years
Professionmodel and actress
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children2
Height170 cm

The Enlightening Interview

In an interview with ‘Full Measure,’ Sharyl Attkisson asked Dianne Holechek’s ex-husband Chuck Norris a few honest questions. She questioned him directly about who gave him his moniker initially. Chuck said that once while he was in the military and was in boot camp, a Hispanic man asked him if he knew what his name Carlos meant in English.

It meant Charles, and Charles’ nickname is Chuck, so that’s what stayed with him. He also showed her his books that he had written over the years and told her about his experiences in Iraq. When Sharyl asked whether he was well-known among the military personnel stationed there, he shockingly replied that one of them had him tattooed on his arms. The soldiers there had his name emblazoned on them, implying that he was very popular there.

Dianne Holechek
Dianne Holechek (Source: Google)

Sharyl went on to discuss his profession, mentioning that he was in the Air Force and that his brother was in the army and was murdered in Vietnam. Chuck keeps his formal uniform as a memento. Sheryl inquired about his feelings about ‘Chuck Norris facts,’ to which he replied that he thought it funny. While looking over his Gallery, Sheryl inquired about his interest in law enforcement. Which he was enthusiastic about at the time, but he ultimately fell in love with teaching karate. They also spoke about his political wall, his time with President Bush, and skydiving with him. When questioned about his political beliefs, Chuck said that he lives by the philosophy of “I agree to disagree.”

Affair, Husband, Married

Chuck was her high school sweetheart. After joining the Air Force, Chuck proposed by letter. They dated for a year before marrying in 1958. In a traditional ceremony, they exchanged vows. Diane was 17 and Chuck 18 when they married.

The honeymoon lasted four days at Big Bear, California. Michael Roy Norris was born on 10/4/1962. Eric Scott Norris was born in 1964. Her husband’s celebrity and success caused marital problems. Chuck’s affair rumors with Johanna hurt his marriage. Three months apart in 1988. Later, they tried to reconcile for their kids, but this failed, and they divorced in 1989.

Since then, she’s single. Dianne’s ex-husband married Gena O’Kelley on November 28, 1998, nine years after their divorce. 30 August 2001 birthdates for Dakota Alan and Danilee Kelly. The couple is close and lives peacefully together. Chuck shared a photo with Gena and the caption, ‘Gena and I.’ Dianne and Chuck’s children are thriving. Michael, their first kid, has been in Born American, Young Warriors, and Ameriggedon.

Eric is a former NASCAR driver and stuntman. 2002 Nascar Winston West Series champion. Universal Soldier National Treasure and Office Space featured him as a stunt driver. Texas Ranger and Delta Force star the father-son duo. Dianne’s seven grandchildren. Max, Greta, and Hannah are Michael’s children. Eric, her second son, has Camrynn, Chloe, Chantz, and Cash.

Various kinds of violence

Dick Cavett questioned Dianne Holechek’s ex-husband Chuck Norris on the many kinds of violence in movies and if people are still harmed. Chuck replied that they practice and attempt to make it as short as possible without injuring anybody. He expressed his concern for the stuntmen, whose livelihood is dependent on the success of each film, and he takes additional measures not to injure any of his stuntmen.

Dick then questioned Norris about his brother, whom he had lost in Vietnam, and if he knew how he died. Chuck said that his brother was the patrol’s point man, and he shows an ambush set up by the Vietcong; when he saw them getting ready to fire on his patrol, he shouted back to warn them to duck, and when he did, they concentrated their artillery on him. Chuck’s family was informed of what had occurred by one of his patrol buddies. They then discussed the conflict, its primary goal, and whether or not it was justified. Dick went on to talk about various martial artists, actors, and Aikido studies, which he said he had been doing for several weeks.

Dianne Holechek
Dianne Holechek (Source: Google)

Death of Chuck Norris

Chuck was recently trending on Twitter due to bogus reports of his death. According to reports, the novel Coronavirus killed martial-art action movie actor and Air Force veteran Chuck Norris. The news was presented as a joke on the Facebook page, but many only read the first half of the joke and responded to it.

However, this was not Norris’ first myth; in 2012, there was a Facebook hoax alleging his death. The link then led visitors to a survey fraud in which they were encouraged to provide personal information in order to win a large reward.

Net worth

Dianne’s net worth is being calculated. Her ex-husband, Chuck Norris, has a net worth of $70 million as of January 2024. He is paid approximately $2 million each year. He has amassed money via acting and martial arts. Chuck has appeared in films such as The Delta Force, Code of Silence, The Octagon, and the Missing in Action franchise. He has also published novels, which have increased his net worth. He sold his ranch house in Dallas, Texas, for $1.2 million in 2013. The 7362-square-foot home had a renovated pool, four bedrooms, and nine bathrooms.

Highlights and information (Age, Birthdate, and Height)

  • Dianne is 82 years old.
  • Her birthdate was November 27, 1941.
  • Diane Kay Holechek is her full name.
  • She featured in Hollywood ’84, a low-key sitcom that ran for a short time.
  • She is of American origin.
  • She is of White ethnicity.
  • Her height is 5 ft. 7 in.