Facts about Sean Penn’s Daughter Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn

Sean Penn is a name that is well-known in Hollywood. However, the same cannot be said for his daughter, who has had a rather unassuming presence in the industry thus far.

Having said that, Dylan Penn is still Hollywood royalty, if not for her own filmography, then for her parents’ tremendous accomplishments to the industry as a whole.

Dylan Penn birth date and age

Dylan has been promoting her new film recently, and for the first time in her career, she will be sharing the screen with her father. Dylan was born on April 30, 1991, to parents Sean and Robin Wright, and after working as a model for a while, she returned to Hollywood at the age of 30.

Although the fact-based film Flag Day is her first substantial foray into the film industry, it is far from her first. She previously appeared in Condemned in 2015. While the title did not garner much attention at the time, it did prompt sources such as the Hollywood Reporter to write some rather bad reviews.

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Her Modeling Career, Among Other Opportunities

Dylan was discovered and represented in the United States by one DT model management company. Her face initially appeared on billboards in 2013, when she was the face of Gap’s Factory campaign.

In 2014, she joined the renowned Premier Model Management. She was also an assistant to her godmother, screenwriter Erin Dignam. According to W Magazine, she only modeled on the side to supplement her income.

She worked as a pizza delivery girl for a while in addition to her Hollywood-themed gigs. She didn’t stay in the restaurant sector for long, though, since she was weary of “being treated like not being tipped, and guys mistaking me for a stripper.”

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Her name was inspired by Bob Dylan.

The actress was recently visited by The Guardian in her apartment above the Croisette to discuss her latest film project. The outlet disclosed while narrating the chat on the side, that the eldest of the Penn siblings was named after the great singer Bob Dylan. They also mentioned that Dylan’s appreciation for the artist had grown over time.

Hopper, her younger brother, was named primarily in honor of Dennis. However, the outlet went on to say that he got his name from frequently hopping around in the womb.

She Shared a ship with Robert Pattinson

Dylan was speculated to be dating boyfriend Robert Pattison in 2014 after the two were spotted on camera by paparazzi. Despite the fact that it was her first encounter with the paparazzi, she handled the situation like a veteran. She informed the reporters that just being spotted together once did not imply a romantic relationship.

Dylan Penn aspires to be a screenwriter and director.

Dylan was developing her own script based on her brother’s stint in rehab while she was under the care of her godmother. She once stated to Vanity Fair,

I began by editing my godmother’s screenplays, which led to collaborations with other writers and freelance editing and storyboarding. It was part of my education. Later, she told The Guardian that if the conditions were right, she would like to be the writer and director of her own projects.