Fans Criticized Tom Pearson’s Unprofessionalism For Putting People’s Lives In Danger

Tom Pearson

After heavy winds slammed the Parsifal III boat, the newest episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 was tough. Deckhand Tom Pearson was on night watch duty but failed to do his responsibilities, putting everyone’s lives in jeopardy. The worst blunder he made was failing to notify Captain Glen Shephard or first mate Gary King. However, the crew members quickly grasped what was going on and took all required precautions to prevent a tragedy.

After everything was in order and everyone was safe, Captain Shephard and King attempted to meet with Pearson and figure out what went wrong. Instead of apologizing and admitting his error, the deckhand remained stubborn, insisting he was not to blame. His response stunned not only Captain Shephard but also irritated spectators.

Here’s how fans responded to Tom Pearson’s incompetence.

Tom Pearson’s voyage has not been pleasant since boarding the Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Parsifal III. When he first shared a room with Captain Shephard, he got drunk and puked all over the place. He soon became embroiled in a love triangle with second stew Ashley Marti and King (his boss). In episode 6, he dug his own grave by failing to be professional while on the job.

Tom Pearson

He was having fun with Marti when the boat was struck by heavy gusts. Pearson failed to notify his superiors even after the wind’s speed kept the boat dragging, allowing the problem to grow and endanger lives. Fans of Below Deck Sailing Boat were outraged with Pearson and wanted him to leave the yacht and the program forever.


Will Tom Pearson depart from the Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Captain Glenn called a crew meeting the following morning to discuss the event. He directed everyone to notify others if and when similar circumstances arose in the future. Following a discussion with Pearson, the captain agreed not to give the deckhand any key tasks until he redeemed himself.

Tom Pearson

Captain Glenn discovers Pearson lounging during the day in the future episode rather than demonstrating his value. Only time will tell if the captain allows Pearson to remain or requests that he go permanently. The decision on whether or not he will remain will be made in episode 7. Because Below Deck Sailing Yacht releases new episodes on Mondays, episode 7 will be available next week on April 4 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.