Fans Of Ex On The Beach Blame David Barta for Dani Coco’s Quitting The Show

Dani Coco

Following the abrupt departure of two exes on the previous episode, Ex on the Beach viewers watched another competitor leave the program in the middle of the season. When Dani Coco spotted David Barta conversing with Kyra Green, he was sad. Dani Coco and David Barta had been bonding for several weeks on Ex on the Beach before the arrival of Kyra Green. Although Dani had granted David a license to pursue anybody on the program, his actions clearly affected her and she was spotted weeping last week.

Dani thought she deserved more after witnessing both of them go on a date and discuss their future together, so she left the program. She said that she did not need a guy such as David. Fans chastised David for changing his mind on partnerships, and even Kyra worried about what would happen if another ex appeared on the program.

They blamed him for Dani’s abrupt departure from the program, believing she deserved much more.

Fans of Ex on the Beach blame David for Dani’s Leaving the program.

On Ex on the Beach tonight, David admitted to Dani that he wished he had handled things better, but that he was drawn to Kyra. In a confessional, he stated:

“I can’t take my mind off her [Kyra].”

Dani was requested to go to the Shack of Secrets and watch the date on TV when David went on a date with Kyra. She overheard David telling Kyra that it was a great date and watched him kiss her. When she saw this, she became enraged and felt that she deserved better. She stated:

“After this, I’m done. I’m through with this. I’m going to discover myself.”

David Barta

Dani abruptly quit the program after the Shack of Secrets. David seems unconcerned with Dani’s departure from the villa, saying in a confessional that he regarded it as a green signal for him to connect with Kyra. Fans were outraged by his actions and blamed David for Dani’s departure from the program. The following is how they responded to the situation:

What happened tonight on Ex on the Beach?

Ex on the Beach viewers witnessed participants Minh-Ly Nguyen-Cao and Jamar Lee depart the program in the middle of the season last week. Nicole Amelia and Elias Abreu, two new exes, were also introduced to the cast. Nicole appeared as Ray Gantt’s ex-girlfriend, and Elias expressed a desire to rebuild his connection with Ranin Karim. Arisce Wanzer spent time with her ex-boyfriend Mike.

Kat, Ricky, and Derynn

Kat Dunn, Ricky Rogers’ ex-girlfriend, enters the villa tonight on the program. She said that they had a lot of chemistry, but Ricky became engaged with other people, and the two split up. Ricky said that they dated when he was still in an open relationship with his ex, Derynn Paige. Da’Vonne informed viewers that she was competing in Big Brother with Kat and that she would take anything she wanted. Earlier in the episode, Ricky reconnected with his ex Derynn, and the two were intimate shortly after. Derynn felt misled by Kat’s appearance since she assumed his connection with Kat was not serious.

Ray, Nicole, and Bryce

Nicole spent a significant amount of time with Bryce, who flirted with her. Nicole admitted to being a hopeless romantic who desired a meaningful connection with someone. In addition, Bryce stated:

“I see something with her [Nicole] down the road.”


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He performed a lap dance on Nicole, which she disliked. She told him it was too much for her and that she needed to take things slowly. Ray was overjoyed that his closest friend Nicole was falling in love. Nicole was taken out on a date with Bryce, and the two went paragliding.

David and Kyra

Kyra and David danced together tonight at the party. Kyra admitted to David that she was worried about another ex being on the program and that she was hesitant about their newly created friendship. Emily, Kyra’s ex, will appear on the next episode of the program.


Ranin and EliasElias and Ranin had a great time together. Elias said that he has long desired to be with her. Ranin also said to the audience that no matter what happens between them, she would always regard him as family.