Five Rare Facts About The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In 1974, the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film was released. Tobe Hooper, one of the best horror film filmmakers of all time, helmed the film, which still sends shivers down your spine even 30 years after. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre brought us Leatherface, an iconic monster that is still famous in the horror film business even 40 years later. The characters’ names have changed throughout the years, but Leatherface has remained true to himself. The film demonstrates the amount of effort and actual sweat that went into making each scenario as authentic and unique as possible. There are various hypotheses about the film that fans have developed over the years that add to the suspense.

Five fascinating facts about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series

1.) Tobe Hooper appears in all of the films.

Tobe Hooper, the filmmaker of the 1974 hit, has been involved in all of the projects. He created the character Leatherface and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. He not only directed and co-wrote the first two films in this trilogy, but he also contributed to the third and fourth films. He also helped to produce and write the following four films in the series. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was released in 1974, was a great hit, featuring sequences that were horrific enough to give audiences goosebumps throughout the film.

2.) It is a finished piece of fiction.

Contrary to common belief, films are not based on actual events. Initially, the producers used advertising strategies in which they claimed they were inspired by a factual tale. But, in reality, it wasn’t. True horror fans may be disappointed, but it is what it is.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

3.) Hooper wants a PG-13 rating. I guess he had to settle for an R rating!

Tobe Hooper wants the film to be seen by a large number of people. To be honest, there were far too many horrific sequences for a PG grade. He was asked to reduce the amount of carnage in order to achieve a PG rating, which would have completely ruined the movie’s theme.

4.) The filming circumstances were quite upsetting.

The filmmaking crew and actors were subjected to harrowing circumstances despite having a meager $60,000 budget. Because the money was limited, they had to accept minimal compensation. The sweltering Texas summer heat was not helping matters. They had to make the most of what they had due to limited resources and pay. It became so bad that they had to film the famous dining table scene in a single day. They had to deal with everything, from sharing a single restroom to becoming hurt and being punished by the continual stink of perspiration.

5.) The persona of Leatherface was inspired by more than one individual.

Despite the fact that the film was entirely fictitious, the villain was based on actual persons. Leatherface was inspired by the Plainfield Ghoul’s Ed Gein and a doctor Tobe Hooper knew. Tobe Hooper claimed to know a doctor who peeled a corpse’s flesh to build a Halloween mask. Even if the doctor did this during his pre-med days, it is still unsettling.

Serial killers and untold stories provided inspiration. Soon later, Tobe Hooper made this masterpiece, which is widely regarded as one of the scariest films of all time. n other news, Netflix has released the sequel trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which unleashes Leatherface’s fury on a new generation. So, if you’re arranging a horror movie marathon, be sure to include this one.