Foo Fighters Members Return To The United States After Taylor Hawkins Death

taylor hawkins

According to TMZ, Dave Grohl and the other members of the Foo Fighters band have returned to the United States after Taylor Hawkins’ unexpected death in Bogota, Colombia. The magazine published photos of the bandmates and staff embracing one other. These photos showed Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, Chris Shiflett, Rami Jaffee, Samantha Sidley, and John Silva, among others, extremely distressed after landing in Los Angeles.

Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters, died on Friday at the age of 50 in his hotel room in Bogota, Colombia. The band was supposed to play at the Estereo Picnic Festival at the time, and they were subsequently planned to be one of the main artists/groups to perform at Lollapalooza Brazil on Sunday.

Taylor Hawkins’ contribution to the Foo Fighters

Hawkins began his career with the California-based local band Sylvia before joining British-Canadian singer Sarah “Sass” Jordan in the early 1990s. Later, from the mid-1990s through 1997, the Texan native played drums for Alanis Morissette. Morissette was one of the most well-known performers Taylor Hawkins had worked with before joining the Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl

Grohl launched the Foo Fighters in 1994, straight out of Nirvana after the death of grunge music legend Kurt Cobain. However, a quarrel between Grohl and previous drummer William Goldsmith led to the latter’s departure from the band. This was the point at which Grohl contacted Hawkins about joining the Foo Fighters.

Following Goldsmith’s resignation, Hawkins was purportedly confirmed as the band’s new member on March 18, 1997 (about 25 years before the drummers’ tragic end). According to Alan di Perna’s Absolutely Fabulous!, published in Guitar World in 1997, Grohl was originally hesitant whether Hawkins would join the Foo Fighters since the drummer was identified with Morissette, who was a larger musician at the time.

Taylor Hawkins, on the other hand, stunned Grohl by joining the Foo Fighters. Hawkins allegedly emphasized at the time that he preferred being connected with a rock band as a drummer to Morissette’s solo performance.

Dave Grohl

Hawkins told RadioX in 2017 about the day he joined the Foo Fighters:

“At the time, I was watching Showgirls at my rented home in Topanga Canyon.” And Dave phoned to ask, “Would you want to be in the Foo Fighters?”

Similarly, Hawkins went on to say:

“I’ll always have Showgirls and Dave’s phone call telling me you’re in the Foo Fighters connected together in my head, which is incredible.” It’s a beautiful day.”

Hawkins was involved in the creation of one EP and more than eight studio albums after joining the Foo Fighters. Medicine at Midnight, the band’s ninth album, was his final endeavor with them.