Hackers Altered Amber Heard’s Name To Amber Turd On The IMDb Page

Amber Heard

As Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue their legal struggle, the latter’s followers have resorted to social media to vent their displeasure with the actress. Unidentified hackers have altered the Aquaman star’s name on her official IMDb profile to “Amber Turd.”

This occurred during the two actors’ defamation trial, which is still ongoing in Fairfax. Depp followers have rushed the internet since the former couple’s marriage has collapsed in front of the world, disregarding Heard and her sexual assault allegations. Along with criticizing the 36-year-old actress on social media, others have chosen to entertain themselves by altering her identity on IMDb.

What does “turd” mean? Hackers alter Amber Heard’s name on IMDb.

The term “turd” alludes to Amber Heard’s hideous “birth” at Johnny Depp’s bedside. When Johnny Depp arrived home, he allegedly found human excreta on his bed. The Pirates of the Caribbean star told The Hollywood Reporter:

“It wasn’t abandoned by a three- or four-pound dog.” I was persuaded that it was either Ms. Heard or one of her associates who had left human excrement on the bed.”

Amber Heard

Heard maintained his denial of the conduct, saying:

“They’re Yorkie teacups.” They each weigh around four pounds. I lived with those dogs for many years, according to the image I saw. It wasn’t the dogs… I didn’t believe I deserved such treatment.” One of Depp’s bodyguards also stated that the actress participated in the aforementioned behaviors. According to the bodyguard, it was a “terrible practical joke gone bad.”

Amber Heard sobs in court as she remembers childhood abuse.

On Wednesday, the actress started her testimony. During her testimony, she revealed that Johnny Depp sexually attacked her with a beer bottle. She also said that she was fired for filming a kissing scene with James Franco.

According to the actress, Depp accused her of being personal with stars Eddie Redmayne and Billy Bob Thornton in 2015, which resulted in Depp reportedly slamming her on a ping-pong table and sexually abusing her with a beer bottle. In court, she stated:

“I couldn’t get out of bed. I thought he was going to hit me. This pressure on my pubic bone was palpable. I glanced around and saw a lot of shattered glass. “Please, God, don’t break me,” I recalled thinking.

Amber Heard

Heard also claimed that Depp emotionally and physically beat her after getting enraged over her kissing James Franco in a movie scene. She stated:

“I felt a boot in my back… I collapsed on the ground. Nobody said anything. Nothing was done. You could have sworn you heard a pin drop. “I remember being so ashamed.”