Harry James Thornton- All About The Son Of Billy Bob & Pietra Dawn Cherniak

Harry James Thornton

Harry James Thornton is well-known as Billy Bob Thornton’s son. Professionally, he works as an assistant property manager and has worked in the film business in a variety of positions. He is the son of Billy Bob Cherniak and Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Billy works as a professional actor. He was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in the United States.

Quick Facts

Full Name Harry James Thornton
First Name Harry
Middle Name James
Last Name Thornton
Profession Celebrity Kid
Nationality American
Birth City Santa Monica, California
Birth Country United States
Father Name Billy Bob Thornton
Father Profession Actor, Singer, Songwriter & Writer
Mother Name Pietra Dawn Cherniak
Mother Profession Former playboy model
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Gemini
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Magi
No Of Children 2
Siblings William Langston Thornton, Amanda Thornton and Bella Thornton
Date of Birth June 19,1994
Age 28 years

Born To Well Known Parents

Harry’s parents are well-known persons. He was born to Billy Bob Thornton, an actor, singer/songwriter, and director. Billy, on the other hand, has achieved success in the sector he picked. In addition, in 1997, he received the coveted Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for his film “Sling.” His mother, Pietra, is a Russian actress and model.

In addition, the woman is known for her involvement in the TV documentary series E! True Hollywood Story. Pietra, on the other hand, shot to fame after marrying Billy. In addition, his mother is a former playboy model who appeared naked for the magazine in January 1998.

Harry James Thornton


When it comes to biological siblings, he has one named William Langston Thornton. On June 27, 1993, William was born. He is one year Harry’s senior. William has received little attention to date. Harry has half-sisters on both sides of his family. Amanda Brumfield is Billy and Melissa Lee Gatlin’s daughter. Bella Thornton is Harry’s other half-sister, and her parents are Connie Angland and Billy.

Are Harry and Magi Married?

Harry and Magi have not yet married, although they were engaged in May 2019. On May 30, 2019, Harry confirmed his engagement through Instagram. The couple has been together for almost four years. They also have two children called Mia and Nikita.

Furthermore, Harry admitted to hiding the news of his second child from his father for more than a year. He also expresses fear about his father’s response to his marriage and actions. In one of the Ranch Rules episodes, Harry said that he was afraid to tell his father about Nikita since when he had Mia, Harry had to beg his father for money, and this time, Harry didn’t want his father to think he was immature like previously.

Nonetheless, Billy stated that he wishes he had known about the birth of Harry’s second daughter. Finally, Harry explained that even though his father traveled much while they were children, Billy always made time for him and William. Now that Harry is a father, he wants to do the same thing for his children that Billy did. He enjoys being a father, which is also challenging.

Harry James Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton’s Early Life And Controversies

Billy, too, has been involved in problems. One of which occurred in the year 2009. Billy referred to Canadian listeners at the time as “mashed potatoes without gravy.” During the performance, he mentioned it. Following that, there was a lot of talk in the media. Both the media and the general public opposed it. He was born to clairvoyant Virginia Roberta and high school teacher and basketball coach William Raymond Billy Ray. Billy’s youth was difficult since he was reared in a home without electricity or plumbing.

Net Worth

Harry’s fortune is unclear, despite his independence. His father has a net worth of more than $45 million.