Henry Rollins on Gay Rights, Marriage And Relationships

Henry Rollins

“I’m like a hunting hound, Ma’am. I’m a dog, but not the sort you’re used to patting, “Henry Rollins responded to a lady hitting on him.

The fact that the man is not dating anyone is self-evident. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was in his twenties. He’s currently in his seventies. On his 59th birthday, Henry Rollins.

Views On Having A Girlfriend By Henry Rollins

The singer-songwriter discussed how he was not built to have an adult relationship during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Rollins, mind you, had nothing against the girlfriend he didn’t have! He was merely an overworked individual.

He merely realized that a relationship between a man and a woman — as responsible adults with more life behind them than ahead of them — wasn’t something he was willing to engage in.

Rollins even considered having a girlfriend at one point. So, this hypothetical girlfriend would want them to spend some time together on a Friday night.

On the other hand, Rollins would much prefer to be holed up in his home office for four hours straight writing. Without a doubt, his autonomous weekend schedule would irritate this potential companion.

The artist claimed in another Big Think video that the notion of marriage was “crazy.”
He was particularly opposed to having to give up half of his things to his (again fictional) spouse after the divorce, which he somehow felt would occur.

“Does she receive half of my record collection by law?” he inquired. “Certainly not! When I’m done with the chainsaw, she might… She can, like me, go on eBay and overpay for her own copy.”

He’d much sooner attend weddings than be the groom.

Views on Gay Marriage by Henry Rollins

On the other hand, if someone was insane enough to get into this marriage contract, he wasn’t against it in the least. It didn’t matter if the couple comprised two men or two women. In his opinion, gay weddings were precisely like any other relationship.

“If you don’t want a homosexual marriage, don’t have one,” he said. “The same goes for abortion.”

It should be their decision, not one imposed on them by society or the government.

“I believe homosexual weddings are protected under the first amendment,” he added. “I believe we’ve reached the end of our chat.”

He was not dismissive of the reality that homophobia still exists. On the other hand, he said that individuals were sponsoring homophobia.
It was a significant funding source for political and religious causes, and they wouldn’t let it go away as long as the money continued coming in.

“Because Islamophobia only goes so far,” he explained, “but hatred of the LGBT always runs.”

Several parties were driven to keep the fire of homophobia blazing because of how successfully this argument functioned.
“Homophobia is an endangered species,” Rollins said at the end of his piece.