Who is Hilary Pitt Frances? Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Children

Hilary Pitt Frances

Some people gain celebrity as a result of having a renowned father or mother, while others are fortunate enough to be well-known because of their beloved offspring. Hilary Pitt Frenches, for example, rose to prominence in the media as the mother of a famous actress and for her pivotal role in the Game of Thrones television fantasy drama series. Maisie Williams, who has pushed Hilary Pitt Frances into the spotlight as her mother, manager, and personal assistant, is none other than Maisie Williams.

Quick Facts

Full Name Hilary Pitt Frances
Profession Manager and Personal Assistant
Popular For Maisie William’s mother
Age (As in 2022) 50’s
Height More than 5 feet
Eye Color Brown
Birth Place United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Husband Gary Williams (ex-husband)
Children Beth Williams, James Williams, Ted Williams and Maisie Williams

Hilary Pitt Frances Wiki

Maisie William’s mother, Hilary Pitt Frances, was born in the United Kingdom. Her parents raised her in the United Kingdom, although Hilary has kept her parents’ names and identities hidden from the public. There is no information regarding Hilary’s birthday or birth year, however, she appears to be in her forties based on her age in 2022. Similarly, there is no information on Maisie’s mother’s schooling.


Blanca is a skilled Manager and Personal Assistant who, despite being in her 50s, prefers to assist her daughter’s career as an actor in the entertainment industry. Blanca is her daughter’s manager and personal assistant, and she manages her daily schedules and contracts. It’s also true that she chose a management career due of her daughter’s celebrity and her love for her.

When it comes to her daughter’s professional life, she is an accomplished television actor. She is best recognized for her major role as Arya Stark in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, in which she co-starred with a number of brilliant actors and actresses from all over the world. Her acting career began with the HBO fantasy series, and she has continued to perform in a variety of series and films since 2022.


When it came to her personal life, Hilary did not have a happy marriage when she married Maisie’s father for the first time. Gary Williams is her ex-name. husband’s Despite having four children with Gary Pitt, Hilary Pitt eventually divorced him, but she has remained silent about the reasons for their breakup. Maisie, the couple’s youngest child, is a well-known and gifted actress. When she and Gary Williams were married, they had two daughters, Beth and Maisie, and two boys, Ted and James. Maisie was still a youngster when Hilary and Gary divorced because she was the youngest of the three.

Despite possessing the date, year, and location of her marriage, Hilary is married to a man named Frances. Hilary appears to be enjoying her married life in 2022, despite the fact that her second husband’s identity is unknown.

Hilary Pitt Frances
Hilary Pitt Frances

Height and Weight

Hilary hasn’t revealed her precise height, however, she appears to be taller than 5 feet and weighs an unknown amount. Maisie’s mother, on the other hand, has a lovely face with light brown hair and brown eyes.

Hilary Pitt Frances Net Worth

As her daughter’s manager and personal assistant, Hilary Pitt Frances may have a good future. However, as of 2022, her anticipated net worth has not been computed. Her renowned daughter is said to be worth $16 million.


  • Gary Williams, her first husband, and she have four children together.
  • Hilary is a British citizen.
  • Her daughter employs her as a manager and personal assistant.
  • Her famous daughter, Maisie Williams, enjoys shopping with her.
  • Since she was a child, Hilary has encouraged her daughter to pursue fame.