How Rich Is Danny Trejo? Net Worth, Career, Lifestyle

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo, the villainous American film and television actor, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He’s made a fortune playing roles that are often ultra-masculine and anti-heroic. Danny Trejo has been featured in over 300 movies and TV series. However, he is most known for his role as Machete in the 2001 thriller Spy Kids. Trejo holds boxing championships in the lightweight and welterweight weight classes. Danny Trejo is one of those actors whose face and voice are immediately identifiable.

He was known for his rough nature, which was accentuated by his facial scars, unique mustache, muscular build, and menacing look. When he was thirteen, his family moved to the Los Angeles district of Pacoima.

Danny Trejo Income And Net worth

Danny Trejo, a well-known villain in Hollywood films and television series, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Various estimates estimate his net worth to be $16 million. Whatever the sum is, it includes his earnings from movies, TV series, and his restaurant. He was contracted to train Eric Roberts, one of the Runaway Train’s performers, for a boxing scene.

Danny Trejo

He was paid $350 a day for the work, and the notoriety he gained helped him secure a number of other jobs in the future. Many of his films have generated millions of dollars at the box office, including Spy Kids, XXX, Runaway Train, and many more. Danny Trejo’s net worth has expanded significantly as a consequence of his movie earnings and profit bonuses. He was also handsomely compensated for his roles in music videos, TV programs, and video games.


He has a nice property in the San Fernando Valley that he acquired for $550,000 in 2012. Trejo still lives just five miles from his boyhood home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley. He believes he owes something to the streets he previously assaulted. Despite being one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, Trejo lives a quiet and straightforward existence.

Cars of Danny Trejo

He also owns a sizable collection of custom cars and motorcycles. Let’s have a look around Machete’s Garage.

Dodge Touring Sedan 1936

Trejo displayed his 1936 Dodge Touring Sedan, which he believes is one of just six in existence today. Buick’s flagship model, the Touring Sedan, was designed to compete with the LaSalles and Chryslers of the time.
However, as Trejo pointed out, it is still a luxury vehicle for “politicians and goons.” Buick’s 1936 models were dubbed “Beauty Winners” due to their rounder radiator, body-colored headlamp trim, and more roomy interior. Trejo’s automobile is practically stock, but for modern radio and lowered suspension.

Danny Trejo

Ford Econoline Pickup 1961

Trejo’s 1961 Econoline truck was the first vehicle Leno and Trejo looked at. Misfit Garage had tampered with it. Trejo had seen the Fast & Loud spin-off show’s men selling a vehicle at Barrett Jackson and called to see what else they had. He ended up bringing the hot-rodded orange and white custom pickup home with him as a Trejo Tacos advertising delivery vehicle.

Buick Riviera 1965

Trejo and Leno ultimately made their way inside Trejo’s 1965 Buick Riviera. The Riviera was originally intended to compete with General Motors’ new sedan version of the Thunderbird. When Cadillac declined to pursue the design, it went to Buick, which straddled the luxury and muscle car lines. The Riviera diverged from past GM designs with its ‘coke bottle’ shape, thinner midsection, and flared fenders. Trejo has staked his claim to the ‘low and sluggish’ end of the Southern California custom car scene.

Danny Trejo’s Personal Life and Vacations

Danny Trejo is an excellent role model for individuals who have come from a difficult background and desire to thrive in life. He was formerly imprisoned in San Quentin but has since turned his life around and now lives in Los Angeles. He is also an animal advocate and has five rescued rescue dogs. The generous guy spends most of his time with these animals. Similarly, he is often seen going to other locations.

Danny Trejo


Danny Trejo got his start in the industry by volunteering for different rehabilitation and counseling programs. During this time, he met the director of the film ‘Runaway Train’. A scriptwriter named Edward Bunker saw Trejo and requested him to instruct Eric Roberts for a boxing sequence.┬áTrejo was subsequently given a small part in the film by director Andrei Konchalovsky. Similarly, Danny was featured in the 1995 picture ‘Heat’ opposite Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. He was elected into the Texas Film Hall of Fame in 2012 and won Best Actor for his performance in “Valley Angels” in 2007.

Trejo has also starred in films such as ‘Point Blank,’ ‘Animal Factory,’ ‘Bubble Boy,’ ‘Delta Farce,’ and ‘The Devil’s Rejects.’ Furthermore, in the 2012 action thrillers “Bad Ass” and “Bad Ass 2,” he played Frank Vega, a down-and-out Vietnam War veteran, and in Philip Shih’s crime thriller “Reaper,” he played Jack, a crook.┬áTrejo is similarly at ease on television, having appeared as a guest star on some of the industry’s most successful shows. He has been in a variety of television programs, including ‘Alias,’ ‘Baywatch,’ ‘Bones,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘The Family Guy.’